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Production Of Non-Educational Video Games Should Be Banneds

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  • Pages 2
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    The production of video games with no educational value should not be banned. There are many important reasons why this shouldn’t happen to them. First of all video games aren’t made so kids can learn from them, they are so kids can have fun. Plus who knows how much a kid learns from a shooter, he learns how to challenge himself doesn’t he? As well, the video game industry is huge, if all the games being produced should all of a sudden stop, then there is less money for the government. Other reasons people think that the games should be banned is because of addictiveness, but it’s not true. All these reasons prove that the banning of non-educational video games shouldn’t happen. Video games are supposed to be fun, they weren’t meant to be educational. There are a few educational games here and there, but they keep the main point of the game, the fun part. Without anything fun in the game, the games wouldn’t be played. Which brings me to my next point.

    What’s fun? Well since almost all 150 best pc games on would be considered non-educational, I would say that most kid’s and teen’s ideas of fun, are games that you wouldn’t learn from. As well, why should they have to play games that are educational when they already go to school? You just want to go home and relax. Not learn some more. Who’s going to decide what children are learning from the games? They might not be learning the alphabet, how to add, subtract, but they can still be learning some things. Such as counting, most RPG games start at level one and you work your way up to one hundred, so as you are working your way up in levels, the kid playing this game is learning the numbers. Also other things, as mentioned before, the child or kid is learning how to challenge him or herself, which is a very important thing they need to know for their lives.

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