Programming language

The students will understand the concepts of structured programming and learn how to write programs for problem solving using structured programming language Learning Outcomes By the end of the unit, the student should be able to: a) b) c) d) f) To understand principles of good program design To understand the concept of a variable holding a value, how a variable is declared and how it can change

To be able to use a conditional statement to select a choice from two or more alternatives To understand the concept of a loop – that is, a series of statements which is written once but executed repeatedly- and how to use it in a programming language To be able to break large problem into smaller parts, writing each part as a module or function To be able to use an array to store multiple pieces of homogeneous data, and use a structure to store multiple pieces of heterogeneous data Course Description Structured programming: problem solving techniques, algorithms, pseudo code, hanta, semantics, data types, expressions, statements, input/output and control structures - Programming language introduction. Basic sequencing, alternation, and looping control constructs. Subprograms: functional and procedural abstractions and data abstraction.

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