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The purpose of this project is to fulfill our company mission and strategic plan. The key elements of the strategic plan, ranked according to priority, with #1 being the top priority, are as follows: #1. Double total sales within the next decade.

#2. Develop and market new products based on the company’s plastics experience. #3. Reduce dependence on equipment suppliers.
#4. Reach first or second in regional market shares.
#5. Attain a national presence in the container industry.
#6. Increase productivity.

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Project Charter
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For this project to be successful, the board expects the following deliverables to be in place: 1.

Select resources such as: Architect, Real Estate Consultant, and General Contractor. 2. Recruit and Train Managers for Huntsville Plant.

3. Create a Pre-Production and Production Plan.
4. Create a Building Concept and Design.
5. Procure Building Site, Permits, and Appropriate Approvals. 6. Construct the Huntsville Plant Building.
7. Landscaping on Site.
8. Personnel Recruiting for Plant Operations.
9. Procure Equipment, Raw Material and Truck Fleet.
10. Install Equipment.
11. Create Product Distribution Plan and Pre-Production Plan. 12. Start Up Production and Distribution.

This board does not expect the following items to be a part of this project: Geothermal Heating.
Solar Powered Electric Feed.
Multi-Level Parking Garage.
In-House Food Court.
Construction of Separate Distribution Facility

The project mission will be accomplished if the strategic plan and project deliverables are met within the project duration time.

It will be assumed that the project team will be available from day one until the end of the project. It will also be assumed that all the project materials will be available on time throughout the project duration.

Barring any unforeseen circumstances, natural disasters and any other events that the project team cannot prevent, this project should succeed within the
duration period.

Time/Decision Points
In April 2011, the first deliverable should be able to be met. There are twelve (12) deliverables, and there are fourteen months (14) allocated for the project. Each deliverable should take at least a month to complete.

Cost/Financial Assumptions
$2,750,000 has been budgeted for this effort, and this money should be enough to cover all costs of the project.

User Acceptance Criteria/Quality
The project team is professional enough to fulfill the company mission and the key elements of the strategic plan, as outlined in the project mission statement on page 1.

Major Risks
There are no major risks that the project faces at this time. The project team has all contingency plans available should there be any unforeseen natural or man-made disaster. The team has also bought an insurance policy in the amount of the project cost (worth $2,750,000) in the event that the above-mentioned risks occur.

Project Core Team:

To help launch this project, the preliminary project team consists of strong functional leaders. These leaders are:

Steve Pokorski – Vice President of Operations (Project Manager). Joe Downs – Director of Plant Engineering.
Rhonda Smith – Regional Sales Manager.
Mary Doonan – Marketing Director.

Type Name
Project Manager Approval:

Steve Pokorsky (VP Operations SEITZ Corporation)

February 1st, 2014
Owner/Sponsor Approval:

Johann Seitz (CEO SEITZ Corporation)

February 1st , 2014

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Project Charter. (2016, Jul 20). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/project-charter/

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