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Project Kick-Off Meeting

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Discuss the process for holding a project kick-off meeting. Who should attend? What key topics should be on the agenda? Statement

This article is to discuss the process for holding a project kick-off meeting, who should be invited and what topics should be covered during the meeting. Elaboration

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Project Kick-Off Meeting
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What is a kick-off meeting?
A kick-off meeting is the meeting held at the beginning of a project. What does a kick-off meeting do?
The purpose of it is to provide an opportunity for all the stakeholders to meet, discuss the goals and the future plans of the project.

Also, team members can get to know each other, build the team morale to ensure the smooth and efficient cooperation in the future. Who should be invited to the meeting?

The project manager needs to make sure he/she invites the right people. Usually, all the key stakeholders, sponsors, business champions, the project manager and the project team should be invited to the meeting.

It is important to involve everybody; all the invitees should make effort to attend the meeting. What is the process for holding a kick-off meeting?

Before the kick-off meeting, the project manager and the sponsor should have met several times, and other key stakeholders should have been involved in the planning of the project, such as the project charter. So first, the project manager meets with the sponsors to talk about the planning. Second, the project manager and the key stakeholders should develop the project charter. Then the project manager should create the kick-off meeting agenda. Then the project manager should come up with the meeting attendee list and send the agenda out in advance. At the meeting, the project champion should always be the first to talk. And finally, make sure the meeting ends with an action. What topics should be covered?

The following topics should be covered (not limited to):
Project Scope
Deliverables and Schedule
Project Site(s)
Project Organization
Project Budget and Project Number(s)
Project Reporting/Document Control
Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Permitting
Why is it important?
The kick-off meeting is very crucial to the success of a project. It introduces the sponsors and project managers, states the goals, clarify the responsibilities, deadlines. A good kick-off meeting is a good start of a project. Exemplification

I would like to take out team project ‘Honey Lemon Bubble Tea Café’ for example.


Kick-off Meeting Agenda
New Business Venture-Honey Lemon Bubble Tea Café
Meeting Leader:
Li Feng, Amanda Zheng
9:00 am
Conference Location
Room 413, 7777 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church VA

Meeting Attendees
Role on Project
Li Feng
Amanda Zheng
Project Manager
Chen Yang
Marketing Manager
Carson Du
IT Manager

Meeting Agenda

Agenda Item
Discussion Points
Recommended Time

Li Feng
Project manager welcomes everyone and briefly states the objective of the meeting. 1-2 minutes
Meeting Goals
Amanda Zheng
Introduce members of the project and greater project effort. Communicate project goals and deliverables.
Outline communication protocols and expectations.
Define week 1 activities.
5 minutes
Project Background and Purpose
Li Feng
Amanda Zheng
Brief project overview – primary outcomes and success factors. Project timing and management and team commitment.
Project Sponsor describes the project vision, demonstrates support and advocates for success and sets the project as a priority for all parties
involved. 5 minutes
Project Goals and Objectives
Li Feng
Amanda Zheng
Discussion of project deliverables and major project milestones. 5 minutes
Ground Rules
Amanda Zheng
Discuss operational, organizational, and project ground rules and procedures. 5 minutes
Roles and Responsibilities
Amanda Zheng
Allow members to briefly introduce themselves and their roles on the project or how they may be able to contribute to project efforts 9 5-10 minutes
High-Level Plan
Li Feng
Review and summarize high-level project plan.
5-10 minutes
Next Steps
Amanda Zheng
Plan, timeframe, and rough agenda for moving forward and starting phase execution. Review/assign open issues and follow-up actions.
5 minutes
Communications Plan Expectations
Amanda Zheng
Communication plan, expectations, frequency, and methods for each stakeholder group. 5 minutes
Issue Management and Resolution
Amanda Zheng
How issues and risks will be dealt with, and by whom.
Summarize some of the upfront risks and issues of the project. 5 minutes
Amanda Zheng
Open forum for any questions that may have arisen during the meeting. (as needed)
Li Feng
Amanda Zheng
Thank everyone for their time.
Close meeting.
1-2 minutes
TOTAL TIME: ~50 Minutes


The Diva Press. (n.d.). Project Kick-Off Meeting Agenda Template. Retrieved from http://theprojectdiva.com/project-management-templates/project-kick-off-meeting-agenda-template/ – See more at: http://reffor.us/index.php#sthash.1KLDFWMs.dpuf

Schwalbe, K. (2012). An introduction to project Management, Fourth Edition. U.S.: Author. – See more at: http://reffor.us/index.php#sthash.EzWB75rd.dpuf

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Project Kick-Off Meeting. (2017, Feb 24). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/project-kick-off-meeting/

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