Project lead the way Career Demand, Salary, and Education Essay


Manufacturing companies employ a lot of mechanical engineers, but due to the slowdowns economically fewer jobs have shown up in this field. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects “slower-than-average job growth between 2006 and 2016.” The mechanical engineering jobs have the most flexible setting since it can deal with just about anything. But you want to be in a place with a lot of manufacturing job opportunities. Salary

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Project lead the way Career Demand, Salary, and Education
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Entry-level mechanical engineers with a bachelor’s degrees earned average annual starting salaries of ,600.

In 2012 women earned more in there entry level jobs, but as men with 4 years of experience make $64,880, when women make $63,732. So as this show with more years of experience go on men made more money than women. 80.2 percent of made as much as the average woman made in 2012 $76,984. Also in addition to experience come promotion and with promotion come a greater salary. Education

Some universities that offer the programs are Florida State and Marquette. Some advantages of going to these schools are that they have sport teams and they have very little English requirements, and they have great reputations.

Disadvantages of going to the schools is that they are large schools and does not give much help if you are in need of it, also they are both very expensive over 30 thousand a year. At Florida State over 60% of your courses you take are related to engineering ranging from thermodynamics and thermo fluids to learning the basics of engineering. You also are suggested to take physics along with calculus III. Marquette university is about the same thing they want you to take 70% engineer related course but with the courses they want you to take is a range of materials how stuff works type of engineering. They also want you to take a philosophy course and a lot more electives.

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