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Project Management Sample Outline

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Project Management Plan for draft 1 Prepared by PMP ACCEPTANCE SHEET I have reviewed this document and certify that its contents are accurate and sufficient to guide project execution Project author/planner: Reviewer: Project leader: Table of Contents Overview 1. Introduction of project 1. Name of project 2. Project owner 3. Current legislations that will affect success of project 2. Project scope 1. Project objectives 2. Deliverables 3. Project priority matrix 4. Critical assumptions and constraints 5. Definitions and acronyms 3.

Project feasibility study 1. Products or services for end users that finished project will produce 2.

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Project Management Sample Outline
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Research of market demand of products or services 3. Target customers and markets of products or services 4. Business evaluation and their meanings 1. NPV or XNPV 2. IRR or MIRR or XIRR 3. PI 4. ROI 5. DPBP Project Organization 4. Project organization chart 5. Team member information, roles and responsibilities I. Managerial Process Plans 1. Start-Up Plans 1. Estimation Plan (cost, duration, and resources) 2. Staffing Plan . Staff Training Plan 4. Resource Acquisition Plan 5. Project Commitments 2. Work plan 1. Work breakdown structure (WBS) chart 2. Sequencing events of project activities or work packages and their estimated durations, ES, EF, LS, LF and the probability of completion of critical path and other paths 3.

Gantt & PERT charts of project activities or work packages. 3. Control plan 1. Data Control Plan 2. Requirements control plan 3. Schedule control plan 4. Budget control plan 5. Communication, tracking and reporting plan . Risk Management plan 1. Risk identification and their roots 2. Risk assessment 3. Risk management, control and contingency plan 5. Issue resolution plan 6. Project close-out and review plans 7. Technical process plan 1. Methods, tools, and techniques 2. Quality assurance plan 3. Documentation plan II. References/works cited III. Appendices 1. Financial plans 2. Charts of… 3. Tables of… 4.

Revision history 5. … 6. … Overview 1 Project Purpose, Objectives, and Success Criteria 2 Project Deliverables Deliverable |Recipients |Delivery Date |Delivery Method |Comments | | | | | | | 3 Assumptions, Dependencies, and Constraints 4 Definitions and Acronyms Project Organization 1 External Interfaces 2 Internal Structure 3 Roles and Responsibilities Managerial Process Plans 1 Start-Up Plans 1 Estimation Plan 2 Staffing Plan Staff Training Plan 4 Resource Acquisition Plan 5 Project Commitments |Commitment |Made By |Made To |Due Date |Comments | | | | | | | 2 Work Plan 3 Control Plan 1 Data Control Plan 2 Requirements Control Plan 3 Schedule Control Plan 4 Budget Control Plan 5 Communication, Tracking, and Reporting Plan Type of Communication |Communication Schedule |Typical Communication |Who Initiates |Recipient | | | |Mechanism | | | |Schedule and Effort |Weekly |email |Project Manager |Program Manager | |Tracking Report | | | | | |Project Review |Monthly |face to face |Project Manager |Project Team | |Risk Mitigation Status |as mitigation actions are |email |responsible team member |Project Manager | | |completed | | | | |Requirement Changes |as changes are approved |email and change control |CCB Chair |affected Project Participants | | | |tool | | | |Supplier Management Review |at project life cycle gates|videoconference |Program Manager |Project Manager, Program | | | | | |Manager, Subcontract Manager | 4 Risk Management Plan 5 Issue Resolution Plan 6 Project Close-Out Plan

Technical Process Plans 1 Methods, Tools, and Techniques 2 Quality Assurance Plan 3 Documentation Plan |Document |Template or |Created By |Reviewed By | | |Standard | | | | | |initial draft |1. 0 draft 1 | | | | | |

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