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Projectile Motion

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This study focuses on the different factors that affect the game results of the throwing events namely, javelin throw, discus throw, and shot put throw. It is observed that during athletic meets, the winner is determined by the farthest throwing distance. However, this distance does not sum up the outstanding performance of a winning athlete. Several factors are deemed to be essential in strategically winning a throwing event. For instance, an athlete may need more effort in performing as compared to another because of certain physical or strategic hindrances.

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Projectile Motion
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These hindrances seem to be inexistent when a game is analyzed using the distance covered only. Thus for the purposes of this study, the competition outcome is defined to be the resulting projectile from the throw. In analyzing the projectile, the research is opened to the influences of strategies beyond throwing the farthest. These factors can be grouped into three aspects: the thrown object’s standard measures, the strategy, and the player’s characteristics.

First, the projectile allows us to examine the effects of the thrown object’s standard measures to the throwing ability of a player.

These measurements include the weight of the object, and its circumference, in the case of the shot put and the discus, or its length, in the case of the javelin. Second, the projectile exposes the possibility of implementing various strategies that may affect the throwing distance, such as the angle of the throw and the velocity of the turn, in the case of the shot put and discus throw, or run, in the case of the javelin throw. Finally, the projectile also somehow illustrates the advantages or disadvantages of the player’s characteristics like height, weight, and body-build.

Consequently, the research will not be tied to the distance results of the throwing events. Rather, it will be concerning thee different projectile elements – distance, height, angle, and force – as they are influenced by the aforementioned groups of variables. At the end of the day, this paper will justify the inevitability of standards with regard to the object’s measured properties, and will recommend the best player profile and playing strategy, as supported by the projectile results of conducted experiments.

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