Promote Equality and Inclusion in Health, Social Care or Children’s Settings

In my work place we make sure each child is treated the same, no excuses! If a child is from a religious family we will make sure we understand different rules so we can carry on with the individual child whilst in our care.


Equality refers to treating everyone equally. Every setting has an equal opportunities policy which should be followed, in my setting each child is treated equally and is supported where they need it, if a child needs help with mobility then they’re assisted as and when they need it, everyone should be valued for individuality and should therefore be offered help and support. Everyone has the rights to be given care, consideration and respect and should be given the same opportunities to learn and achieve.


Inclusion is a process to include everyone and to meet individual needs even children, as it is a human right for everyone. This way everyone counts and differences are valued and respected. It also involves identifying barriers that might prevent children, families and young people taking part in certain tasks and making adjustments to make sure it’s safe for them to participate fully.

Describe the potential effects of discrimination

Discrimination is when individuals are treated differently because they follow different beliefs or belong to a certain group, or even sexuality, gender and age. When people are discriminated it can cause individuals to have low self-esteem and also low confidence. Discrimination can result in children, young people, their families and friends being left out of situations and activities or being avoided all together because they feel uncomfortable.

Explain how inclusive practice promotes equality and supports diversity

When inclusive practice is put in place practitioners in the setting take equal concern to make sure every child, persons and there families have there individual needs and rights met no matter how small or large the problem is, it is our resposibility to ensure that is is possible for them to participate in all activitys.

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