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Promoting Choice

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Promoting choice, well-being and the protection of all individuals in a health and social care setting

Task A1

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Promoting Choice
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Case study of Mr Ali


In order to gain as much independent information as possible, apart from Mr Ali himself, I would approach 3 specific groups of people:

•His daughter who of all people will know him best, knows what his likes and dislikes are, knows what makes him happy or upset, and have his best interests at heart.

•His home carers and wardens who are involved in his everyday life, know his regular routine, and are aware of how he may be affected by different events and changes in his life that he may not have revealed to his daughter.

•Medical and support staff at the hospital, who know how his recent fall has physically and mentally affected him, and the life changes that may occur.


In order to form a rapport with Mr Ali I would chat to him about things other than his care staying warm and friendly but not attempting to get too close or personal and attempt to find some common ground and interests that we share.


To best work with all parties involved I would approach them individually to first gain all information available before arranging a case conference with the involvement of all relevant parties and myself as key worker. This is important for Mr Ali’s well being because no one party can decide what is best with out sharing all relevant information, and knowing how one issue may affect another. This is a requirement.


I could best support Mr Ali by centring any decisions around him, focusing primarily on what he wants and how best to achieve it within the limitations surrounding him, and encouraging him to accept how these limitations may effect what he want. If he is unable to effectively communicate or understand his needs I would offer a choice of advocates. I would also ensure enough time is allocated for the meeting to ensure all his needs are met.


I would help Mr Ali understand the risks and benefits of each choice available, by simplifying the information as much as possible and helping him compare one possibility against the other. I would attempt to help him accept that he may have to give up some things in order to achieve others and to decide which are most important to him, and which he is willing to sacrifice.


To assist Mr Ali to retain his independence whist staying as safe as possible, my primary source of information would be a local Independent Living Team, who deal with these situations on a daily basis and are able to provide an unbiased opinion. They have access to and information about different services available and experience in dealing with a variety of issues and how best to attain a resolution.

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