Promotional Aspect for Harry Potter Game

Promotion is one of the four aspects of marketing. The other three parts of the marketing mix are product management, pricing, and distribution. Promotion involves disseminating information about a product, product line, brand, or company. It comprises four subcategories:

1. advertising

2. personal selling

3. sales promotion

4. publicity and public relations

The product we are promoting is a Harry Potter quidditch game and the target market is people from the age of 6 to 16 for either male or female. It includes all the main characters in the book and the movie; it will have life-like graphics and characters. The setting is the quidditch ground and the game is literally just to play quidditch and to enjoy all the magic from the wizardry world.

We have produced a game cover which we will use to promote our product to our target market. It has animations on how the game will look like when you play it. The method of promotion is advertising. Advertising is when a sponsor pays for the non-personal presentation of a message:

* Advertising has a sponsor, someone – normally the manufacturer – who pays for the product to be advertised.

* It is paid for, which distinguishes it from publicity (this is not paid by the sponsor)

* It is non-personal, in other words, it is directed at a mass audience rather than a particular individual (this distinguishes it from the personal selling).

Some examples of advertising are as follows:

1. Food: We could promote our game on sweet wrappers, so that children could look at the wrapper and they will be convinced to buy the game. Some examples of a few sweets are kitkat, mars, snickers, m’n’ms, etc.

2. Outdoor Media: Flyers and billboards could be shown and handed out to the public all around big cities; therefore, anyone could look at it.

3. Print-Based Media: We could also promote the game in magazines and newspapers which will have little pieces of information and pictures which anyone can view and access. The part of the newspaper we would promote the game is the middle part because the sports are at the back, the important news is in the front and all the advertisements are in the middle of the newspaper.

4. Broadcast media: One last way of promoting the game is on advertisements which are a very effective way of promoting because almost everyone owns and watches a television. It could be viewed to everyone from all ages and both genders.

5. Broadcast media: We could also set up promotional advertising campaigns to talk about all the details on why this should be sold, where the public can buy it, and when this game can be accessed and the release date.


Our other method of promotion is Sales: This method of promotion is not really appropriate to use in promoting our product.

* This method of promotion is when we sell to a specific target market (6-16) or point of sale with different types of sales.

* Some include: free gifts with the game, samples to play (demos), competitions, and coupons for purchasing the game.

We could also use the ‘competitive promotion’ which is often seen where products are substitutes for one another.

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