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Competitive strengths are indicated by level of efficiency, product quality, price and cost of production, and the ability to penetrate the market to increase market share and professional services.

To develop a competitive enterprises system there are two strategic influences taken into account: (i) on the demand side, and (ii) on the supply side. From the demand side there is a wide market opportunity as the consequent of globalization. The emerging market opportunities should be interpreted in terms of development (market driving).

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The international market changes rapidly, requiring the shift to qualified processed products, so that a timely product development is called for (product development). The quickly changing market, in export as well as domestic market, should be explored so that producers can make the necessary adjustment to meet the new market requirements. The production-oriented paradigm must be changed to market-oriented paradigm, the shift from “market what you can produce” to “produce what you can market”.

II.        Product Life Cycle

Product Lifecycle management ( PLM) is an integrated approach and have the character of the information-driven to entire/all aspect from product age, start from the design until phase manufacture, title and its conservancy, and culminate at displacement of final place of exile and product. Soft apparatus of PLM enable the accessing, renewal, manipulation and meaning of concerning product information which is being be produced in a separate environment and gone the round of. Dissimilar definition of PLM is integration of business system to manage the cycles live of product (“Product Life Cycle”).

Why this company ready to take the risk, even if they have disturbed enough with the other application enterprise title? Its reason, because potency PLM can jack up the company ability in innovating to throw the product to market and lessen various mistake (“Product Life Cycle”).

Application PLM promise all of information jetting smoothly yielded by all cycle step a product to whomever in company environment, and also all especial supplier and customer (“Product Life Cycle”).

On the supply side, entrepreneurs must be able to produce products having the capacity to compete in the market. The increasingly shorter product life cycle requires product development that means the acquisition of new technology. For this, business actors must be proactive in the selecting and utilizing innovation and technology that can improve the competitiveness. Besides, high quality products must be associated with the competing price, product continuity, proactive promotion, and the development of market distribution channels, so that high product mobility can be achieved from rural to the market (“Product Life Cycle-PLC”).

In global emulation, business organization compete do not only in problem of quality of and service, but also must race in speed innovate the new product, and at one blow compete to tighten in price and expense. By “product is life-cycle” what is short progressively, opinion “classic” improving competitiveness and efficiency step by step along with improvement of turnover sale become very dangerous, because it is possible that our product have used up its life spans before have time to become “profitable” market (“Product Life Cycle-PLC”).




III.      Pricing Strategy

In perfect-competition market, of pricing strategy represent one of all-important component in drawing consumer to buy, beside quality. Company own the full of rights in pricing strategy of product to be can compete in market, because only company know how big much expense that released of (“Pricing Strategy”).

Pricing strategy is the part of marketing decision-making dealing with the methods of setting profitable and justifiable prices (“Pricing Strategy”).

According to all economists, “prices are of always on trial”. Thereby strategy and price decision require careful in reading and translating situation that is and will be happened in competitive marketplace. “Prices are subject to rapid change.” Do not like three other element (product, place, promotion), price represent the variable which relative shifting rapidly especially at unstable economics condition (“Pricing Strategy”).

A lot of way of to win the competition, but it is true there no way of effective. Sometimes you can win with one strategy, but with the same strategy, you can fail by other or competitor opponent. For example, you can compete in the case of price. It is true that there is company requiring your service with the cheap tariff. However, there is also other company that heedless about price. What is the necessary for them is great service and quality. Therefore, according to me, to outrival, you have to know precisely your consumer. You have to understand the requirement, appetite and their purchasing power (“Marketing – Pricing Strategies – Skimming”).

Low Pricing Strategy use to remove the competitor only can be conducted by a company, by back up a big fund source. The strategy contains the very big risk. Action sell the loss can only be conducted for the temporary term, because if conducted for long term within will risk to bankruptcy, because costs which is not closed over. This matter progressively complicates the verification process, needing sufficient time (“Marketing – Pricing Strategies – Skimming”).


IV.      Watson Pharmaceuticals

Headquartered at 311 Bonnie Circle, Corona, California, Watson is a publicly traded company listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol WPI. Watson Pharmaceuticals, Inc. has evolved into a specialty pharmaceutical company, focused on developing, manufacturing and marketing brand and generic pharmaceutical products utilizing various drug delivery technologies. These technologies include solid dosage form, oral controlled release, Trans dermal, and oral Tran mucosal delivery systems (“Watson Pharmaceuticals, Inc”).

Watson develops, manufactures and markets a broad array of brand and generic pharmaceutical products. Watson currently markets numerous brand product lines including several that hold leading market positions. With more than a dozen brand products in various stages of development, Watson’s research and development (R&D) pipeline of brand products is stronger than ever before (“Watson Pharmaceuticals, Inc”).


IV.1.   Promotion by internet

Watson Pharmaceuticals use the internet as a means of to develop its business. Especially in order to promoting all facility that provided there, as well as all product of goods or service which they yield. By using internet, it is expected can make easier all consumer in fulfilling their requirement, in order to get the needed information, or get the product of service and goods required. All consumers can access the sites that provided wherever they are, any time, as according to their condition. This matter of course provided for the advantage of both, the consumer and Watson Pharmaceuticals itself. We can visit their homepage at (“Watson Pharmaceuticals, Inc”).


IV.2.   Promotion by direct mail

Besides telephone and fax, Watson Pharmaceutical provide the service of direct mail to all its consumer (the member), that is in order to contact Watson, and get free charge of information, without collected by any expense. With this direct mail service, all consumers can ask about all information that required by them, which possibility not available in Watson’s homepage. If consumers wish to do it through email address, hence passing Watson’s sites, consumer can enquire through the contact mail. By mentioning personal email, Watson will write back the email by replying to the email address. But if consumer wish to write the letter, this matter can be done by sending letter to mailing address which provided, and Watson will reply it through post too. Do not only those, Watson provide the special service to all members by delivering newest information about goods and its service continuously. Thereby, they can know the newest information from Watson routinely, and of course, this matter is very beneficial for all members (“Watson Pharmaceuticals, Inc”).


IV.3.   Promotion by television

Watson Pharma, Inc. and Hartwell Communications do cooperation by made  Lori Hartwell, Editor-in-Chief and Public Spokesperson supply the ever-fresh content of for iKidney, through an unrestricted sponsorship from Watson Pharma, Inc.  In addition to financial contributions, Watson also provides technical, marketing, and customer service assistance to help in the generally activity of (“About”).

In an attempt to develop an impartial information center to help people with kidney disease make over the challenges presented by the disease into a healthy, positive lifestyle hence cooperation between Watson Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and Hartwell Communications was created.

To build and maintain a unique online resource, which brings together people with kidney disease, their family members and renal care professionals, in a worldwide community dedicated to improving patient quality of life (“About”). have launched The Kidney Show, a bilingual game designed to entertain and inspire renal health patients, their friends and families. The Kidney Show features three unique stages: The Diet, Dialysis Room, and Red Blood Cells, each enabling players to interact with challenges that kidney health patients face regularly. Players team with Jimmy Nephro, the game’s hero, and can select English or Spanish options. For example, in the Dialysis Room, the goal is to promote a positive environment. Jimmy Nephro doubles as a disc jockey and mixes music at a turntable while also delivering items such as blankets, CD players, and televisions to patients (“About”).



Internal factor in company is factor that usually translated by as dot of strength and weakness from company. This factor represents the factor in conducting company, but not rarely decision maker cannot determine the dot of and strength of its company weakness dot. This matter is link to your company, and you can use assorted is way of and instrument to analyze it. Start from organization chart, identify the market segment (cluster analysis, factor analysis, etc), behavioral analysis of customer (need, preference, satisfaction), emulation excellence, 4 P, analyze the process (activity of primary and supporter), PLC (Product Life Cycle), GE (General Electric) analysis, etc.

Alternatively, other approach pursuant to perception and you experience (important is you do not snared at “tunnel vision” view). Result that you wish of course is a strategy that exact, what marginally go together the decision orienting to tariff, differentiation product (high service with quality to customer) or focus to limited segment.





























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