Prostitution Should Be Legal

Canada is known as a liberal-learning, forward-looking nation all over the world and its unstoppable promotion of gender equality is renowned in all parts of the world; however, the Canadian prostitution laws fails to show these Canadian distinctions as the laws show an antiquated view of the issue of prostitution. Prostitution has long been called “the world’s oldest profession. ”(“Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia” http://en. wikipedia. org/) For as long as two thousands year ago, evidence can be found of males and females selling sex as a business (“Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia” http://en. ikipedia. org/).

Prostitution is no different than any other service that we pay to receive. . Also, it is already legal in many counties, such as Denmark, Singapore, Netherlands, and a part of the United States (this isn’t really evidence on its own… what if it’s legal and terrible in those places) (“Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia” http://en. wikipedia. org/). Yet in Canada, a country where we claim to be very accepting and open-minded, prostitution is an illegal act that result in many serious issues. It is time to make it legal.

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If Canada were to legalize prostitution, the HIV virus would be in better control and we could even decrease the number of the infected. The “Canadian Prostitution Laws” can be changed to require condoms, strict, regular health checks and HIV testing. One great example of decreasing HIV from legalizing prostitution is in Nevada. Since mandatory HIV tests began in 1986, no prostitute from a brothel has ever tested positive for HIV (“Legal Prostitution in Nevada”. about. com. ). This is good for customers because brothel owners can be held liable if any of their customers become HIV positive.

The “Canadian Prostitution Laws” that are present right now and how they are utilized push sex workers into situations that put their health at risk by possibly exposing themselves to the HIV virus. Since prostitution should be treated like any other consensual, in-demand, and legitimate service, Canada should legalize prostitution and establish better laws to protect sex workers. By having prostitution legal, sex workers will no longer have the fear of going to the police stations where they get abused. The workers who work underground are often beaten by their clients after their completed service.

In the 1980s, about 80% of women in prostitution have been the victim of a rape (“Prostitution Facts”. rapeis. org). It was hard for them to talk about it because they could not find any resources to help them, and they would also get arrested because prostitution was illegal, causing most of the rapes to go unreported. How ironic is that? While on the other side of the world, sex workers who work legally in Singapore enjoy huge benefits: protection from violent customers, better access to health care and victims can report their abusers without fear of being arrested which is arguably the most important one.

Prostitution will always exist despite laws against it as putting workers in jail will never result in a total wipe out of prostitution. Since prostitution is one of the biggest industries in the world (“Prostitution: The ‘World’s Oldest’ and Most Dangerous Profession”. http://projectsocialart. co/. 2011-11-12), legalizing prostitution would serve as a source of government revenue. “Estimates place annual revenue generated from the global prostitution industry to be over $100million”(“Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia” http://en. wikipedia. rg/). Keeping it illegal will only allow gangs, the mafia, pimps and any other form of organized crime to continue to benefit from it. This is a huge revenue that could go to the government instead if Canada legalizes it. For instance, the average annual income of a sex worker at one Nevada brothel working only one week per month is at least $100,000 (“Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia” http://en. wikipedia. org/). Based on this number, each legally licensed sex worker would contribute more than $20,000 in income taxes per year.

Hypothetically speaking, if there are approximately a few thousands sex workers in Canada, the tax revenue can be generated as high as millions dollars per year by this industry. Prostitution is a hot topic that people will never stop arguing about it, just like abortion, birth control and other ethical issues. However, prostitution will always be an issue even the laws are against it so why not to make it safer for sex workers and clients while increasing our country revenue by legalizing it? Keep the drugs illegal, but makes prostitution legal just like porn and strip dances.

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