Protection of Transportation Facilities Essay


Protection of Transportation Facilities

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After the 9/11 attack, the world was made aware terrorism and any other forms of threat can penetrate even the most secured facility - Protection of Transportation Facilities Essay introduction. The airports were known to be strict as to security matters. Their equipments are known to have capacity of tracking any sign of threat and can even trace people expected to cause unwanted activities. However, on the very day of 9/11, the airport was made a way in fulfilling the desire of the lawless terrorist to spread threat throughout the world. The memory of their terrible and horrific acts is unfading. That particular event also led to the seriousness of the government to overhaul its security policies and measures and adopt more highly and technically advanced equipments. The government even established the homeland security and adopted laws strengthening the federal power to ensure prevention of another attack.

In the seaport, the threat of terrorism and other acts of lawless elements are inevitable. Even after the Second World War, the navigations in seas are distracted by unwanted acts like piracy, bombing, and smuggling, among many others. Today, the threat has intensified because of the rise of terrorism. Although the government has initiated measures to prevent these threats, there is no assurance that the measures are enough to counter attack the threats. However, through stricter and high technological security equipments, the government may be able to threaten the lawless elements from continuing with their evil purposes.


Plan, procedure and processes in ensuring security in the Seaport in New Orleans


The seaport of New Orleans can be tempting for the lawless elements. The seaport of New Orleans is known by its state-of-the-art port designs, facilities and security equipments. Being the center of international trade, the seaport has been developed to serve well the global market ((Port of New Orleans, 2008).

In order to intensify the capabilities of the seaport it would be of help to adopt procedures and processes aimed at lowering the threat and preventing an unwanted events or crimes by from happening. The procedure and processes should concentrate more on security matters. Primarily, it is important to determine the problems met in the seaports and sea transports. Some in the list include piracy, smuggling, and terrorism, among others. At present, the seaport is confronted by any acts of terrorism. Although the stronghold of the most feared terrorist group has been beaten down by the government, the nation is still not assured if the group will not fight back. In addition, there are also other terrorist groups that may find the seaport an interesting target.

In securing the seaport free from any acts of terrorism, it is necessary that the seaport administrator would work well with the Homeland Security Department and those who are tasked by law to fight terrorism. This is so because they have the expertise in terms of dealing with terrorism and terrorists. In addition, they are also well versed of how to deal well with these cases where a civil liberty is involved. Since partnership or cooperation has been build up, there should be smooth coordination within them with matters that involves national security. It is noteworthy that most terrorist penetrates one nation through any points of entry which includes seaports. By reason of such, it is important that every point of entry should be secured and all people and cargoes coming in and going out of the port should be well examined. The coordination between the seaport administration and the homeland department should be maintained and they shall continue to adopt measures to intensify security. Furthermore, the seaports should also coordinate always with the weather forecaster.


Additionally, it is necessary to involve all staff from the high ranking officers to the lower level about the measures and policies of the seaport with regard to the maintenance of security. All shall be well informed or educated about the things or signs that could cast doubt or that would constitute threat. All shall also be taught on how to deal with doubtful or threatening things or persons. Everyone should also be given a particular task in case of threat of terrorism. If in case a suspicious person intercepted the security codes of the seaports, there should have been a prepared contingency plan or counter code to block the unauthorized interception. It is very important that all staff is well trained about security measures.

At present, there is only one entrance for the people going from terminal to the ships. Such should be maintained. As mush as possible, cargoes should be double- checked by equipment that capable of detecting not only metals but also chemical that can be used in creating bombs or any other weapons. Furthermore, it is very important that everything that comes in and out of seaport shall be well documented. This procedure will not be able to trample any civil liberties as it is limited only on documentation.




The 9/11 terrorist attack has indeed made the world realize that threat is just near and can attack at anytime. It has also made the government that their security measure is not enough and compelling. In addition, it helped the people realize that policies and measures being implemented in ports are necessary in order to ensure their security. The seaport can be an interesting target today. In order to secure every port of entry, measures and policies that can be strict are needed to be implemented. The people, on the other hand, needed to cooperate in order that the purpose of all these endeavours will be satisfied.


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