Psycho-Educative Module

The chapters covered till now highlighted various aspects of the study beginning with the need, background, relevant review of literature, the methodology and analysis of the data for the better understanding and comprehending the meaning of all these in simple terms. The chapter of discussion is the brief overview of complete research process at a glance. The readers would be able to understand the study in a much better way if it is supported by a methodological arrangement of the sequences, findings and interpretations. In a nut shell the discussion chapter is the heart of whole thesis, though it is written at the end. The wise selection of words and unfabricated presentation of the fact makes the study more acceptable to the readers and simple to understand the complete process.

The present study was conducted in the month of Nov- Dec 2018 with am aim to assess the knowledge of adolescents about cannabis use disorder and to enlighten them with the facts regarding harmful use of cannabis, it’s effect on the body, mind and work performance and social life through a psycho-educative module. It was a true experimental study with pre-test-post-test-only design with control and experimental group. Total 06 schools were selected among the schools with in the 10 km radius who fulfils the inclusion criteria.02 schools did not give permission and out of 04,02 schools were selected by simple random sampling.

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The population of both the schools were homogenous. The population of both the schools were homogenous. The total study population was 1275, stratified random sampling was done. The accessible population was divided into 04 strata as per their level of education that is class 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th standard students were placed into strata I, II,III and IV out of which 260 sample were selected by proportionate sampling.

The tool used for data collection was a structured, non-standardised self administered questionnaires of 20 MCQ questions devised by the researcher and validated by the various experts of the field. The psycho-educative module used in the study was designed by the researcher and content was assessed for validity and reliability by the group of experts. The pre-test was conducted on day 1 for both the group and post-test of control group was taken after 3 days then the psycho-education was given to both the group together. Post-test of experimental group was conducted after 7 days of intervention.

The researcher followed Maiman and Becker’s Health Belief Model. The health belief model (HBM) is a psychological health behaviour change model developed to explain and predict health-related behaviours, particularly in regard to the uptake of health services .

In the present study the model helps the researcher in explaining how the individual perception of cannabis use disorder is guiding their health related behaviour at present and in future, in the presence of current family surrounding, peer group, exposure to media and the education level. It ultimately decides their health related behaviour by either avoiding the cannabis use or seeking treatment to reduce the effect of cannabis which has already taken place in the light of present enhancement in knowledge regarding cannabis and it’s problems.

To support the study, an in-depth literature review was done exploring various substance use related studies among adolescents across the world and in India. More emphasis were given to studies on cannabis and its related problems, it’s management and prevention of substance use disorders.

The present study focussed on the knowledge of cannabis use disorders among adolescents of 15 to 18 years of age group. The effectiveness of the module was assessed by increase in the post-test scores after the intervention. The association of relevant socio-demographic data were also seen with the pre-test knowledge score.

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