Psychoanalytic, Jungian and Individual Psychology Theories - Psychology Essay Example

Psychoanalytic, Jungian and Individual Psychology Theories

            Psychoanalytic theory bases its argument on the history of an individual which is stated as responsible for the present mind state and personality - Psychoanalytic, Jungian and Individual Psychology Theories introduction. It takes into account laying focus on the unconscious state of mind which can be shown by way of analysing dreams, associating freely as well as the realisation of specific intrapsychic mechanisms of defence together with other means.  Individual psychology on the other hand deals with the absolute range of an individual’s experience from maximum to pathological and sees the relationship of therapy as one of the friendship of equals. The approach is am investigation of life-style. The work of the therapist is to make an effort of understanding the life style of the client and how he or she engages life and how the present functioning of the client is affected by the life-style. This in a way relates to the psychoanalytic approach which draws a picture of the client’s past.


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            Individual psychology does not seek to provide a relief but a contributing manner of living. The choices the client has made are the causes of the suffering and the pain according to this theory. The client therefore can be assisted to choose another option that befits his life or her life. Jungian Psychology basically depends on psychic completeness and energism. The belief held in this theory is that the most crucial and lasting task put on any individual is fulfilment by way of individuation, attaining harmony of both the conscious and the unconscious aimed at making an individual one as a whole. Despite their different approaches, all these theories seem to have harmony in dealing with both the unconscious and the conscious mind. Moreover, the idea of administering therapy seems to relate with the events preceding the state of the client which needs to be rectified. Therefore: studying the client’s past as in psychoanalytic theory; dealing with the client’s life style as in individual theory; and putting together what forms part of an individual as in Jungian theory would be important in my development as a therapist.


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