Psychosis Hesi case study

Question 1
C. Delusions
Question 2
B. “You must be concerned, but you are safe here.”
Question 3
C. Hallucinations
Question 4
B. “Are you hearing voices?”
Question 5
D. “What do the voices say?”

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Question 6
Antipsychotic medication
Question 7
B. unable to meet basic needs
Question 8
D. Take away Brian’s cigarettes and lighter
Question 9
History of violence
Question 10
A. Detection of substances that may have caused Brian’s delusions and/or hallucinations.
Question 11
Select all that apply
B. Positive keytones.
D. Increased urine specific gravity.
Question 12
C. Monitor for agranulocytosis
Question 13
A. Sensory-perceptual alteration related to withdrawal into self
Question 14
Question 15
The purpose and side effects of psychotropic medications
Question 16
C. Dopamine
Question 17
B. Dystonia
Question 18
C. Diphenhydramine (Benadryl) IM.
Question 19
Question 20
A. Reduce severity of extrapyramidal effects
Question 21
D. Experiences fewer hallucinations
Question 22
Urinary retention
Question 23
B. Take Brian’s BP sitting and standing
Question 24
Alpha-adrenergic blockade
Question 25
A. Provides reality orientation
Question 26
C. Promotes self-acceptance and expression of feelings
Question 27
D. Content includes the clients’ words, and group process is how the clients communicate
Question 28
Monitor for early tardive dyskinesia, which can be reversible
Question 29
C. Thoughts of harm to self or others
Question 30
D. Obtain a prescription from the health care provider to return medications
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