Psychosocial Foundations of Growth, Development and Learning Essay

John is a 7 year old boy - Psychosocial Foundations of Growth, Development and Learning Essay introduction. He is emotionally disturbed. He is currently on medication. When he takes his medication he is very quiet. He does all of his class work and speaks to no one. If he happens to ask a question he speaks very low. When John is not on his medication he is very loud and almost impossible to control. He tears up the classroom and tries to fight everyone. He is also very protective of his belongings. He wears his backpack and jacket at all times. John is very precise when doing things. He likes to be neat and make sure everything is in order.

He does not like changes, when things are different it throws him off. He is also very antisocial. A theorist that is relevant in relation to john is Freud. According to Freud’s theory of psychosexual development, John’s behavior is based on an event that took place in his life, and never had a chance to resolve the issue which is now playing a big role in his behavior. Freud’s theory states that personality is mostly established by the first 5years of life, and early experiences play a large role in personality development and continue to influence our behavior in our later life.

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Psychosocial Foundations of Growth, Development and Learning
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When it comes to psychosocial development John is struggling. He has trouble opening up to people. He keeps to himself and refuses to be social with his peers. When another child approaches him he usually tells them to leave him alone. It seems as though he has a lot of trust issues, and that’s his defense for not letting anyone into his personal space. I expect play to shape the development of this child because if he is around his pooes, and he opens up to them it would allow him to make friends.

He can also learn to trust again. Socially it would give him the opportunity to interact with others and he can also learn social rules such as sharing and cooperation. He can also learn moral reasoning to develop a mature sense of values which will adi in him functioning effectively in the adult world. Since environment is a big part in our everyday lives, I expect it to help John to be more relaxed when he is approached by either his peers or an adult. When he is in school the environment is very caring.

There is always someone who is trying to figure out what he wants or needs in order to be happy. When he does well he gets rewards to remind him that hard work and good behavior is always recognized. If he realizes that the environment is safe and friendly he might feel a sense of security and be able to let his guard down a little. Bibliography Wardle, F. (2007). Play as Curriculum. http://earlychildhoodnews. com Freud, S. (ND)Basic description and explanation of Freud’s Psychosexual stage. http://www. essortment. com/freuds-psychosexual-stages-development

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