Public Relations Differences from the Other Fields of Communication Essay

1 - Public Relations Differences from the Other Fields of Communication Essay introduction. How Public Relations differ from Journalism? Public Relations and Journalism is certainly the same but has the inverse rapport when it comes on who to serve. In PR, their work is to inform the publics about the good and positive traits of their clients promoting a product, event, or a person which is merely not the practice of Journalism. Journalism works to inform the publics in a neutral manner. 2. How Public Relations differ from Advertising? Public Relations and Advertising are oftenly mistaken to be the same because both industries maintains mutual goodwill with their audiences, but actually they really differs!

In Advertising it takes a lot of money to spend for an ad space, while in PR they get it for free, but the not so good thing about it is that they get no control on how would media present their message or if it will even run at all. So a PR man must have a constant touch with the media. Colorful and attracting graphics with a call for consumers to buy the company’s product is the typical ad of Advertising while in PR you got to write in a news format form & no hypes just news. 3. How Public Relations differ from Marketing?

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Public Relations Differences from the Other Fields of Communication
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Public Relations and Marketing are closely related to each other in terms of publicity and consumer relations but they work in a different manner. Marketing goals are about market, sales, consumers, demand & profits which primarily not PR’s. Public Relations goal is to produce goodwill in the company’s various publics, to keep a good relationship between it’s client and the publics. Primarily PR is all about promoting about the positive-good side ; reducing the conflicts of their company from the publics, while in marketing they promote products and services for profit cause. –

Journalism, Advertising, Marketing plus Public Relations is the perfect blend of strategy in winning the publics’ wants ; needs. They are linked with each other, making nifty schemes in their own special ways.


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