PulpFest 2014: The Pulp Event of the Summer Essay

Howard Days 2014 is fast approaching, but there is another big summer event to look forward to— PulpFest 2014 - PulpFest 2014: The Pulp Event of the Summer Essay introduction. The convention will happen August 7th through August 10th at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in downtown Columbus, Ohio. This year’s themes include celebrating science fiction’s golden year of 1939 and 75 years of fantastic fiction. And right now you can cash in on an early bird special:

The Early Bird Catches the Pulp

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Early-bird shopping will be returning to the PulpFest dealers’ room on Thursday, August 7th, from 6 PM until 10 PM.

For an additional $30 over your regular membership fee, you’ll be able to purchase early-bird privileges for an extra four hours of shopping.

But wait! There’s an even better deal!

To reward loyal attendees who help to defray the convention’s substantial costs by staying three nights at our host hotel,

PulpFest is pleased to offer free early-bird privileges. That’s a very significant savings of $30!

Only staff, dealers, and early-bird shoppers will be allowed into the dealers’ room during Thursday evening, August 7th, to reward them for their terrific support.

So what are you waiting for?

Book your room at the Hyatt Regency Columbus, save thirty bucks, and get in on the action!

Go to this link and we’ll be waiting for you.

Every year PulpFest gets bigger and better. Here are just a few highlights of events scheduled for the pulp con to end all pulp cons:

PulpFest 2014 Programming

PulpFest is known for its great programming and the line-up that we’re planning for our 2014 convention is shaping up to be one of our best. As mentioned previously, we’ll be celebrating science fiction’s golden year of 1939 and seventy-five years of fantastic fiction, as well as eighty years of the shudder pulps, zeroing in on the weird-menace magazines of 1934.

As always, we’ll have a wide variety of panels and presentations, including a discussion of Famous Fantastic Mysteries  featuring Blood ‘N’ Thunder editor Ed Hulse and author Nathan Madison; Meteor House publisher Mike Croteau’s review of Philip Jose Farmer’s early science fiction stories for the pulps and digests; art historian David Saunders‘ presentation on John Newton Howitt, one of the leading cover artists for the weird-menace pulps; and preeminent pulp authority and author of The Wild Adventures of Doc Savage, Will Murray’s celebration of the diamond jubilee of The Avenger, the last of Street & Smith’s major pulp heroes to get his own magazine.

Of course, every year there is a large contingent of Howard fans to hang out with and there may even be a REH Foundation luncheon for everyone to gather and talk Howard.

More information and a preliminary schedule can be found here.

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