Purpose of Higher Education Essay

This paper evaluates the benefits of obtaining a higher education - Purpose of Higher Education Essay introduction. There are many advantages to obtaining a college degree that can benefit the overall wellbeing of an individual. Society will also benefit as a whole due to the nature of one’s intelligence within a community. As for the human race knowledge is power, and power can do great things. A higher education promises widespread opportunities for graduates. In recent years it was much more common for high school graduates to find high paying jobs, but that is no longer the case in today’s slow economy.

A college graduate who obtains a bachelor’s degree may have a much greater opportunity to generate a higher income (Barnett, 1992). Students who experience a post-secondary school also have greater opportunities to experience teachings from professionals in their field of interest; therefore gaining vast amounts of knowledge. In addition, students will establish new connections that will benefit their search for the perfect career. The purpose of higher education is to open a plethora of doors for an individual to thrive successfully in society.

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A very important reason to consider is the difference in money you can make. As the economy finds ways to advance in the marketplace, low wage jobs are quickly diminishing. This is because unions are now coming to terms with the fact that their products can be manufactured at a much lower cost in a foreign country. With a higher education there are many more career possibilities to choose from. There are also significant salary bumps, even if someone works at a job that does not require a college degree (Barnett, 1992).

If someone feels that they make enough money for the present, imagine the future and how much better you will be off due to the fact that you will make significantly more than a high school graduate and will be able to watch one’s savings account grow. A higher education does not just have to be about money or promotions. It can be a way to learn something new, or something you have always wanted to learn. Individuals will have more opportunity to expand their knowledge and skills, as well as clearly expressing thoughts in speech and writing.

The eeling of accomplishment when you have a degree hanging on your wall is like no other. That diploma will be a valuable asset for as long as you live. It is a possession that nobody can take from you once you earn it. Jobs may come and go, but a degree is forever. A higher education has many benefits and it is important to recognize the fact that it is indeed worth one’s time, effort, and money. It has never been more important and valuable to carry a college degree under one’s name. Once you have that degree a feeling of self-pride and achievement will boost one’s confidence to take on the world of employment.

As the job market becomes more competitive a college degree will give a person a step ahead of everyone else (Baum, 2010). President Barack Obama stated “At a time when the unemployment rate for individuals with at least a college degree is about half that of the national average, higher education has never been more important. ” Hearing how important secondary schooling is from the leader of the free world should be enough motivation for anyone to discipline themselves and earn a degree is possible.

This country is built upon the driving force of higher education, which translates into power, wealth, and prosperity. In general it may improve the overall quality of life and wellbeing of an individual. Studies show that people who obtain a college degree have a longer life span, better access to health care, better personal health practices, greater job satisfaction, economic stability, vast common knowledge, higher understanding of the government, and less criminal activity (Barnett, 1992).

They also have a much better understanding of the world and their community. Lower blood pressure levels and stress levels are common when someone has a college degree. A study published by Carnegie Mellon University Psychology department proves that these low stress levels are caused by low levels of a stress hormone called cortisol. In addition, the Journal of the National Cancer Institute stated that people who earned a college degree have a much lower risk of developing prostate, lung, and breast cancer .

This is because of the healthier lifestyle choices that higher educated people take part in. A college education is a solid investment for one’s future, even more so than years past. An employee with a college degree will make on average eighty three percent more than an employee with just a high school degree (Baum, 2010). As the economy continues to change, a college graduate can feel much more secure about themselves because more jobs than ever will require a college degree in the future.

When you work in a field of employment that has both college graduates and non-college graduates, respect is subconsciously given by everyone. It is similar to earning a gold medal and being able to wear it every day to work. In conclusion, if someone is given the opportunity to take advantage and explore the process of obtaining a higher education they should definitely do so for many obvious reasons. The benefits will grasp you and take you farther in your professional, personal, and social life (McMahon, 2009).

These benefits include satisfying career choices, promotions, higher salaries, higher social standing and better lifestyle possibilities, and a sense of accomplishment and self-worth (McMahon, 2009). Although it may seem intimidating and overwhelming the pros surely outweigh the cons of attending a college or university. The value of education is priceless and the benefits are endless. Anton Chekhov said “Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice. ”

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