What Do Victor and Walton Have In Common In Frankenstein?

Updated: September 23, 2022
Both Victor and Walton are driven by a desire to achieve something great.
Detailed answer:

Victor Frankenstein and Walton have a lot in common. They are both driven by ambition, willing to sacrifice everything for their goals, and intelligent and well-educated. But they also both live isolated lives: Victor is an outcast from society because of his radical ideas, while Walton is lonely at sea without any human contact beyond his journal entries.
Both Victor and Walton are passionate about their work—Victor’s monster and Walton’s ship—and each has a strong sense of duty; Victor feels it is his duty to create life, while Walton feels it is his duty to rescue those in distress.
Most importantly, both Victor and Walton are ultimately destroyed by their own actions: Victor’s desire for revenge on those who shunned him leads him to create a monster that kills everyone he loves; Walton’s decision to leave his fiancé behind in order to save others also results in her death as well as making himself into something monstrous.

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