Quantitative and Qualitative Strategies of Research Essay

Quantitative and Qualitative Strategies of Research

Quantitative and qualitative inquiry strategies are employed in analyzing various social, human science and behavioral researches - Quantitative and Qualitative Strategies of Research Essay introduction. These strategies though aimed at arriving at almost the same outcome, they are variant is some aspects. The qualitative stratagem is an exploratory approach that is more open-minded and provides for direct quotations. It can be defined as a hypothetico-deductive scheme. Mostly, primary instruments, for example, observations and interviews are used in data gathering, coupled with phenomenological and heuristic considerations.

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Quantitative and Qualitative Strategies of Research Essay
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Moreover, the data analysis is descriptive or in the form of meanings and the uncovering of a phenomenon’s meaning amounts to its interpretive comprehension. This method uses the reliability and validity concepts and triangulation. Beside, qualitative inquiry necessitates contact with detailed strategies. It makes use of a small non-random and theoretical sample in its analysis (Key, 1997).

Quantitative approach, on the other hand, is termed to be an experimental strategy. It involves hypothesis testing and collection of data that is dependent on measurements and statistical procedures for the analysis purposes.  This data is collected through inanimate instruments such as questionnaires, tests, surveys or tests. Additionally, it makes use of sets of steps that are predetermined to refute the hypothesis (Thorne, 2000). It involves much of inductive reasoning and employs methods that are objective in providing information about relations, predictions and comparisons.  The sample that is utilized in this method is representative, large and random in nature.

Despite being useful inquiry strategies, they both own some limitations. For instance, qualitative strategy is a disciplined inquiry approach since it is systematic and scrupulous adding knowledge to itself. Moreover, this approach tends to be increase confusion either between data collection methods and data analysis methods or between research strategy and research design. The quantitative inquiry approach is characterized with information reduction or loss since not all collected data is quantifiable (Hiles, 1999). There is a lot of data manipulations and deterministic reasoning which may be inappropriate in some areas.


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