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Race Crime and The Media

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Race and Crime in the Media

In the 1800’s African Americans were belittled and segregated simply due to the color of their skin; this was one of the most stereotyped controversies in history, and remains to be today. Dealing with race and its stereotypes that socially construct ones influence on what to think. Through the intersection of the inequalities of stereotypical racial depictions, and crimes had inequalities, and influenced by the media although the media is hegemony towards the public perception, also as well as unequal law enforcement, and public policy.

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Race Crime and The Media
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Stereotype is a form of dehumanization and hegemony towards each race. Race in America, is costumed to be the land of the free, but as we live through day to day the reality of it all racism is still a problematic situation still to this day. Many reasons of the racial depictions are caused from the known stereotypes against each race, which leads to many problematic issues. Stereotypes create narratives that become for making connections and forming pathways for each different race.

Stereotypes exist for all people with in different races. The people are socialized by the people we hang out with or also by our families. Crime, in the media is usually contemplated by the white culture. Normality of crime is a natural occurrence due to laws set. Laws that get created will eventually affect certain groups. Depending on the race and what area people live in, people get viewed as if the people will perform crimes due to the race or the area of their neighborhood. This relates to the intersection between race, crime and the media. Stereotypes influence public perception which influences of public policy.

The public perception is based from the view of the media that becomes into social construction. The media has a lot to do with controlling of the crime and how it gets viewed as from the public eye. Overall the way it is in reality, the media is the hierarchy and the most influenced because of the way people believe what they hear. “As Surrette and others would argue, the media is the engine by which information is disseminated and subsequently interpreted and reinterpreted by the media and the people and organizations who rely on it”. (pg.7 Race,Crime and the Media) However stereotypes make the Public policy is originated to create laws to live in a peaceful fair society. Stereotypes, which can be overlooked, but will not just because of the social construction with the media, and the beliefs of what is mostly influenced by the people. The public policy wants to see justice and usually those that have been in crimes come from lower income neighborhoods. But the racial issues get intersected by the crime because of the races of lower income neighborhood come as different minority groups such as for example Latinos or African Americans etc… The fact that people believe the wrong thing just because the media portrays the way in what to see in different races, but not all are the same in aspects of the mentality of one another. The blame of all this nonsense comes from the media and not what is supposed to be viewed. However the media only puts what they think is a big story if a man “black man” robs a bank or if a Latino steals a car, etc… but the big stories are not usually the white culture, they are viewed more to be victims in all cases of crime and race. The beating of Rodney King beating in 1991 the law enforcement was viewed by the minorities as an unequal right. As the video was shown of Rodney king, then the media opened its gates, and had a lot of ways to reconstruct the story of Rodney King.

After each outbreak such like this Rodney King incident, the media seeks to portray what happen in everybody’s each way. The inequalities of the law go back before there was hardly ever television or radio as the media would only make big deals about it if minority broke a law or so. The mistreatment of minorities in the country come from a theory of racial profiling, racial profiling is the pursuit of the officer that he assumes of suspicious actions due to their race. It has been a controversial action but many have no proof of racial profiling because of an easy mistake can happen at any time. Usually the society turns its blind eye towards racial profiling just because it can be obvious and not right, but the media controls the power. Many things have not changed and not been moving towards progress, many can argue that racism is not an issue we can just take away with in a snap of a finger or a law. Society needs a great extreme perception in how people look at each other to ever hope to end the world’s crazy issues like racism and stereotypes. The way people get easily influenced there is no way in telling if this will ever be handled correctly for equal rights!

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