Racial Diversity in Society Worksheet

Part I

Complete the following using the MySocLab Social Explorer Map: Income Inequality by Race (located on the student website) as a reference:

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• Select 1 racial group from the list below:

o African American
o Asian American
o Arab American
o Hispanic American/Latino
o White/Caucasian

• Write a 150- to 300-word summary of the economic, social, and political standings of that group. Use additional resources if necessary, from the University Library or your textbooks. Provide citations for all the sources you use.

When it comes to economic standings with African Americans we look at the income and the gap between Black and White households. African Americans’ median icome is 32,584 compared to the White’s 54,461. The percentage of African Americans in poverty is more than twice the amount of Whites. In an Afircan American family the female is typically the head of household. Although the number of single parent homes is increasing there is strength throughout the hardship for example poor blacks are more work oriented. As for political standings with African Americans they have never received an equal share. But over several years and many civil rights acts later there are 42 African American congressional representatives. In the last election Obama’s win was supported by 95 percent of Black voters but 66 percent of all voters were under the age of 30 and 69 percent of the voters were first time votes who wanted to vote for the first African American president (Schaefer, 2012).

Part II

Answer the following in 50 to 150 words each. Provide citations for all the sources you use.

What is racism? In what ways does racism affect diversity?
Racism is the prejudice or discrimination directed against someone of a different race based on such a belief. Racism affects diversity by discouraging it all together. Diversity is when someone is of a different demographic. A person who is racist is against anyone who is of any other demographic than themselves, they don’t accept anyone of diversity.

How do racial groups interact in contemporary America? Are interactions positive, negative, or neutral? Support your response using proper citations.

I would have to say that when racial groups interact that they are cautious around each other because they don’t know what to say or how to say certain things to others. We may act cautious because of our authority figure in our life who taught us how to treat others. I believe that the interactions could be all of the above depending on how the person was brought up and what they learned by watching the important figures in their life.

Are there existing social inequities based on race? Why or why not?

In some instances there exists social inequities for example in certain work environments such as construction work where the project manager may hire a couple Whites and Blacks to throw off the fact that most of the workers he or she hired are Hispanic. I have heard of employers not hiring Blacks because they think they are lazy. They may think this because of past experiences with employees.

What do you believe to be the causes of racial prejudice and discrimination in today’s society?

I believe the causes of racial prejudice and discrimination can be a number of things such as just not understanding a culture or race and judging them because of experiences they have had with a member of their group. I believe it could be something that they learned from watching their parents, guardians or someone they just look up to.

Schaefer, R. T. (2012). Racial and Ethnic Groups (13th ed.). Retrieved from http://myresource.phoenix.edu/secure/resource/ETH125R8/Racial%20and%20Ethnic%20Groups%2013e_Ch08.pdf.

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