Racial Identity and Ideology

As time continues, buzz words, code words, euphemisms and myths become deeper and more embedded in the subconscious ideology in America right through today.

This essay is written after reading a portion of “Race, Class, And Gender In The United States, by Paula S. Rothenberg”, where she reveals how the general public, and pretty much the entire U. S. A.

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, views the lower class as the undeservable and unwilling.Here is a good concept of what has been happening since the 1960’s “ like Myrdal’s; and some – this author included – have felt that the term has taken on so many connotations of undeservingness and blameworthiness that it has become hopelessly polluted in meaning, ideological overtone and implications, and should be dropped – with the issues involved studied via other concepts”. p 103) It is very unfortunate that codewords and ideology of this nature carry such large amounts of judgmental baggage and become tolerant within the public eye, by the way terminology has been conjured up, or derived from the mere fact that greed, and or, fear itself that the poor unfortunate underclass, if given the tools, may somehow gain social hierarchy and take everything for themselves! I have always thought that the people that didn’t have jobs must have had something or someone else to support them.I was raised with strong work ethics and I knew that if I wanted my own things in my life, I would have to work and earn the money to pay for them.

My personal racial ideology, or how I perceive other races, is very simple. Race does not constitute poverty, nor does it distinguish who is better at the game of life. In my own words, people are people, who can argue that? There are good and bad people, some selfish, some not, many stereotype, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion.This book angers me and raises so many questions about how so many people preserve the right to point fingers and blame and accuse the other out of fear of what they may lose.

So far every page is full of reasons, greed and accusations embedded in the common mind of society that inferior people are undeserving. The human race has no inferiority complex, only the desire to exist. Numbers of groups of people have created for themselves obscure political views, irrational economic values.They have developed racial categories, and unspeakable financial status requirements.

Does anyone have any explanations? Have any clues? There really should be another twelve step organization founded like yesterday! As far as my identity goes in this world, or what seems to be a never ending rat race, commonly referred to as the “Human Race” , I find it hard to determine exactly what is expected of any one individual, regarding racial identity.I continue to be a positive, resourceful American citizen, whatever that means fitting into the society that surrounds me. I can surely identify myself as a former construction worker, a 46 year old white male that is enduring the wrath of the current economy, which led me to pursue an alternate career, beginning again this time with a college degree. I have no racial perseverance; I’m an independent individual, trying to make my life better.

I cannot say I have never been astounded by relays of interactions I’ve observed among the racially obscure. I have witnessed big headed people belittling one another and all out of what seems to be the cause of outrageous acts of fear of being overcome. I have no time for it and avoid such behavior if at all possible. Good God, just be thankful and happy to live and breathe! There are far more deserving to be catered to than those of us willing and able.

Excuse my reference but this is America, one nation under God, indivisible.

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