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Racism Essay

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Audience: Teachers After finishing their education journey, students find themselves alone building their working career and communicating with people without any guide. Through their educational career, students have studied various materials, from history till physics, but they still lack the knowledge of dealing with people coming from other countries having different traditions and religions. Their lack of knowledge may cause misunderstanding which yields conflicts. Nowadays people get most of their information from T.V and other types of media that only serves its benefits and have one side of looking into subjects.

Most of the facts that being broadcast mislead their audience and educate them on wrong basses in dealing with matters. Delivering facts through teachers is the most direct way to achieve major impact in the society. There are many methods in dealing with racism among students, but racism can be reduced if facts were known by people and people believe them. Students mush know that there is another world living beside theirs that they live in, other countries that have different traditions, religions and have another way of looking into things and have different interests.

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Students should know that culture difference exists due to the environment difference and there isnt a culture better than another; each country has its own history and mentality that have to be respected and when dealing with other people should be based on knowledge. A new cultural program can be added to the students schedule. The new program will provide students with information about countries from all over the world. By introducing the basic information about the countrys history, culture, politics and common traditions, teachers will give each student an assignment to do about a single country, verifying its information and by the end of the year, student will take an exam about what he have studied during the year. After applying the new program, students will develop a new way of dealing with people coming from other cultures. Their actions will be based on knowledge and respect to others.

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