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Racism Around the World

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Is racism still happening in different homes around the world? Rationale The purpose of this article was influenced by Attorney David Engler’s “Racist Mom in the House… What Do You Do? ” which was published in November 28th 2011 on “Wordpress Law Blog”. Throughout the blog Engler shows how racism is still alive in certain homes, where the races may be mixed with one of the parents being racist, and how this may affect children within the household. Engler’s point of view is at the end of his blog post saying that “racism is not an opinion that deserves equal weight or the need to turn the other cheek” criticizing on how there? nothing that can justify racism.

The blog may be biased because it’s written from a specific point of view. Nevertheless his argument on the fact that a racist person isn’t less dangerous than a person who smokes around children can be discussed on the difference between these two types of people and how it affects the children’s development.

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Racism Around the World
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Furthermore it will be an informative text for people who can relate to the story of racism and to know how to react to that situation. Moreover some historical background will be added such as the apartheid situation in South Africa to demonstrate how they were treated and how it has changed.

This will be provided to support Engler’s ideas. I will include some personal experience on how seeing the way people were treated throughout the apartheid affected me and my point of view on racism. Secondly I will discuss on the images of a racism campaign by United Colors of Benetton shown by Engler on the blog, three different races together and three hearts from different races showing that we are all equal on the inside. Finally reading this blog will give me a different perspective of something that isn’t shown in the media anymore but it is still happening.

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