Radiological Technologist Essay

Why did you choose a Medical Profession over other Educational Opportunities? - Radiological Technologist Essay introduction?? And what contribution will you make to the Medical World?

Can you allow me to narrate to you what would be my job with this kind of a profession I choose.

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Radiological Technologist Essay
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“Radiological Technologist are employed by Hospitals, clinics, Physician’s offices and public health departments. In hospitals, some radiographers operate mobile X-ray equipment at the patient’s bedside, in the emergency room or in surgery”. (Source: aheck/radio_techhtml)

It is not just to choose among the possible professions available, but my personal decision to be a part of it….something that I am sure about. Since it is not just a job but my heart and dedication goes with it too. And asking me what contribution can I make for this particular profession, hospitals cannot be as efficient without those equipment and machines and this profession is the one to operate them, which mean it is as important as to the life of the patient itself. One example is the X-ray machine, doctors needs them for a particular case, and without the services of a radiological technologist, what is the use of that machine anyway. It is like saying,  the community really needs a radiological technologist and without them there will be a big problem. That must be everybody’s concern.

How will a Straight Forward Medical Profession Scholarship help you meet your Educational and Professional goals? Give me that scholarship and I will go to school, and I will consider that as an opportunity that shall not be wasted. Since it has something to do with my future. And my contribution to the society and the medical profession in particular

The medical Profession is unique, since it has something to do with the health of a patient and it is not just a mere job but should be done heartily so as to encourage the patient to get well soon and to take care of himself. Just like anybody else, we all get sick and that means, all of us needs help. And people from the medical profession has a great responsibility regarding  everyone’s health.












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