Rae we pray for you

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“Murder in the murderer is no such ruinous thought as poets and romancers will have it; it does not unsettle him, or fright him from his ordinary notice of trifles; it is an act quite easy to be contemplated.”

Is Rae Carruth unsettled? Is he bothered? Is Carruth in the contemplative mood yet? I certainly hope he is. Rae Carruth has taken away a human life. He has violated that certain enjoyment that exists in life. It is what separates the human race, from all others. Logic and reason that we possess in such high quantities as human beings apparently are lacking in Carruth’s case. It seems to make little sense, especially in Carruth’s situation.

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He seemed to have everything going for him, having achieved his dream to become a professional athlete and supporting his parents and relatives on this newfound fame as he had always promised. Yet, something was happening to Rae Carruth. Obviously, he was not happy with his life at that point. Still, murder is not exactly a sensible action, not even as a last resort to most who have their wits about them. It seemed as though Carruth felt that he had no other choice. He seemed to take the classic, “I don’t like you, so I’ll beat you up,” mantra of the playgrounds to a much harsher end in this case. With Carruth you must question many things about him, his sanity, his maturity, his intelligence, and above all his reason.

Obviously, he soon realized the magnitude of his act, as he fled as a fugitive until he was caught. Murder is not a crime of chance, you have to get the deed done and correctly, that is why Carruth hired a few thugs to do the job for him. Even if Carruth did not pull the trigger, it is very clear that he is still a murderer. His fate is the question to most. This will probably not be determined until Carruth goes to trial, probably in about a year. The prosecution will seek the death penalty for Carruth and rightfully so.

In our current society today, only the most horrific of criminals usually get the death penalty because we do not operate on an eye for eye basis. In the present criminal justice system rehabilitation seems to be the operative word. It is not that Carruth is beyond rehibilition, but that he does not deserve to live. The coldness and the calculated nature of this crime leave you little choice than to think that Carruth is beyond all hope. In truth, Carruth will not get the death penalty that he truly deserves. The court system and the jury will give Carruth a second chance because of his status as a professional athlete. Is this fair? No, but neither is Carruth taking a person’s life for no reason.

Murder is a senseless crime and its victims become martyrs and rightly so. When a person’s life is so coldly taken away, they deserve to live on even in death. Above all the question is why? The murder makes little sense, but life does not always. If Rae Carruth is cold tonight, let him be. If he is not bothered tonight let him not sleep. Say it ain’t so Rae not for you, but for your premature son. For him we

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