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Raiffeisen Bank Essay

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INTRODUCTION 2. OBJECTIVES 3. METHODOLOGY 4. BASIC INFORMATION ABOUT RAIFFEISEN BANK a. History b. Growth c. Network of offices d. Available services i. Retail banking 1. Loans 2. Accounts and Payments 3. Savings Accounts 4. Cards 5. Internet Banking 6. Safe Deposit Boxes 7. Mobile Banker 8. Tax Free – Global Blue 9. Western Union ii. Premium banking iii. Investment banking iv. Corporate banking 5. SITUATIONAL ANALYSIS e. PESTLE analysis v. PESTLE analysis for Bosnia and Herzegovina 10. Political environment 11. Economic environment 12.

Social environment 13. Technological environment 14. Legal environment 15. Environmental environment vi. PESTLE analysis for Austria 16. Political environment 17.

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Economic environment 18. Social environment 19. Technological environment 20. Legal environment 21. Environmental environment f. Marketing mix analysis vii. Service analysis viii. Price analysis ix. Distribution analysis x. Promotion analysis g. SWOT analysis xi. Strengths xii. Weaknesses xiii. Opportunities xiv. Threats h. Porter’s analysis of banking market xv. Porter’s analysis for Bosnia and Herzegovina 2. Industry rivalry 23. Bargain power of suppliers 24. Bargain power of buyers 25. Threat of new entrants 26. Threat of substitute services xvi. Porter’s analysis for Austria 27. Industry rivalry 28. Bargain power of suppliers 29.

Bargain power of buyers 30. Threat of new entrants 31. Threat of substitute services 6. ANALYSIS OF COMPETITORS i. Analysis of competitors in Bosnia and Herzegovina xvii. Hypo-Alpe-Adria Bank

xviii. Sparkasse Bank xix. Unicredit Bank j. Analysis of competitors in Austria xx. Hypo Landesbank xxi. Erste Bank xxii. Bank Austria . CUSTOMER ANALYSIS k. Customer segments in Bosnia and Herzegovina l. Students as a specific target segment m. Dimensions of customer satisfaction with banking services 8. RESEARCH n. Research methodology o. Example of questionnaire p. Results of research q. Graphical representation of results r. Analysis of given results s. Conclusion marks 9. RECOMMENDATIONS t. Considering the results of comparative analysis of Raiffeisen banking services in B&H and Austria u. Considering results of research 10. CONCLUSION 11. REFERENCE LIST

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