Raisin in the sun house

When answering the questions: Use examples from the book to support your answers. Each answer should be a minimum of one paragraph (8-10 sentences). You will be graded on how well you answer the question. Don’t skimp on the details and be specific. You do not have to write the question, but you must number it clearly so I know which you are answering. You may use only your page of notes (one page, front/back) and the book for this test. Choose and answer at least 4 of the questions below. In literature, as in life, a character may search for a better way of life. Show how two characters from A Raisin in the Sun are searching for a better way of life. Explain what each character is hoping to gain through this search and discuss the ways in which each character attempts to bring about a change in his or her life. 2. In literature, as in life, a character might feel trapped. Discuss a character from Raisin who feels trapped and give examples of the ways in which this character chooses to deal with those feelings. 3.

Discuss a character from Raisin who changes significantly, telling specifically of the forces that bring about this change. How does this character relate to the other characters before the change and how does this character relate to the other characters after the change? 4. The American dream means something different to each character in A Raisin in the Sun. Discuss these differences and how they conflict with one another. 5. What does Mr.. Lender’s practice of referring to the Younger as “you people” convey about his attitude toward them? 6.

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What ideas do you think that Handlebars is trying to convey in A Raisin in the Sun? Use examples to support your ideas. 7. What do you think the future holds for the Younger family? Do you think Walter will change? Why or why not? Choose and answer three of the prompts below. There are two prompts for each theme (themes in bold, prompts are numbered) Same rules as above, write good, specific answers, minimum of one paragraph (8-10 sentences). Don t sell out. 8. Write about how and why Walter Lee’s opinion about selling out changes throughout the play. Write about a time when you sold out and how it made you feel. (more on the back) The strength of family. 10. Write about how the Younger family sustains its members. 1 1. Discuss or write about why it is difficult to be a member of a family; use examples from the screenplay to help explain your point. Love and trust prevail over deceit and selfishness. 12. Discuss or write about how love wins out in the screenplay. Why do you think it wins? 13. Write about or discuss a time in your life when love and trust did win/did not win. Why?

Stereotyping and prejudice. 14. Consider the scene of the visit from Mr.. Liner (158-167). Comment on the stereotypes you observe. What causes these stereotypes? How do they make the other characters feel? Could they be avoided? 15. Write about how the Younger’ lives might be different if these stereotypes did not exist. Have the Younger come to believe the stereotypes? Cite examples from the play. Do not answer on this page, you will need a separate sheet of paper. Staple this test to your answers and place it in the INBOX when you are done.

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