Rational Bad Behavior Essay

In recently decade, many blood business men utilized illegal ways to make money in dangerous way that caused many people “donated” their lives for their “economic development” - Rational Bad Behavior Essay introduction. We can often see this kind of news on the newspaper and TV. Using irregular way to make profit becomes more and more frequency. Public people and government plays a high attitude on those kinds evens. In the reading article, the news presents an event about the coal miner deaths. Their death was made by blood businessmen used illegal ways to make higher profit. That was forbidden by the government, because it dangerous for worker.

As we know investors always try to put as less money to make sizable benefit that will cause the mine safety has vulnerabilities. This is against government’s laws that be published by Barack Obama. The law points out that in mining industry has mine safety problems and insufficient regulation. People are always clever enough to find leaks in the law and find a way to do investment. It may be legal, but against moral. People always criticize and condemn this kinds of behaviors. However, they are seemed legal and government cannot punish them.

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What can government do is issue a caution to them and made corrections on the leaks. It is positive way to correct the mistakes and it has been using for many years until now. Cannot be denied, there are many defects on the law need officer to correct them, but people should not utilize these kinds of leaks to get their person purpose and betray their morality. Author use an example that mine safety crisis happened in Montana in 1971 to point out people used illegal ways to make blood profit by killing miners’ lives. Author think they used their knowledge to make “rational bad behavior” that betray people’s morality.

People always confused to make right decisions when people face tempting profit and morality. How do people to make right decisions when they feel confused. The author presented several perfect examples to expand the “rational bad behavior”. After read these “Bloody lessons” depend on people’s deaths, we know and learn a lot. In the rest of whole life, we should remember these evens to caution us to observe the law and don’t betray our morality. We are human, our decision should depend on twice thinking and moralities or we will be like no intellectual animals.

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