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Reading Efficiency and Laguage Arts

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Reading Efficiency Reading is the ability and knowledge of a language that allows comprehension by grasping the meaning of written or printed characters, words, or sentences. Reading involves a wide variety of print and non-print texts that helps a reader gain an understanding of what is being read. In which ways can language arts now influence reading efficiency? Since the most important four language arts are listening, speaking, writing and reading, all of them are interwoven and they must be able to work hand in hand before efficient reading can be accomplished.

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Reading Efficiency and Laguage Arts
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For instance, when we read we do not only perceive the symbols printed on a paper alone but, a reader must be able to comprehend what is being read and this can only take due to the background knowledge a reader has about what is been read. Which means for a reader to comprehend, he must be able activate his thought in relation to his/her past experience about what the writer is trying to communicate to him.

On the other hand, integrated language arts create a corridor for mutual listening and talking, speaking and listening which are present in nearly every aspect of the language experience approach.

Book talks, sharing writing, responding to literature, comprehension discussions, dictating accounts, and peer discussions lead to an abundance of opportunities in reading and writing. Research supports writers’ intuitive understanding that reading influences writing. Reading and Language Arts, deals with development of literacy. The Reading and Language Arts plan is committed to enable all students to become life-long readers, writers, listeners, and speakers.

All of these processes are recursive in nature which necessitates an understanding that growth and development are never-ending. This is accomplished through systematic instruction that focuses on the development of attitudes, strategies, and processes which empower students to become active listeners, proficient speakers, and independent readers, writers, and thinkers. However, learning to read is a life-long process. People begin developing knowledge that they will use to read during their earliest interactions with families and communities.

In their pre-school years, learn to understand and use spoken language and about their world through meaningful interactions with others (speaking). In addition to the aforementioned, When a reader acquires the right listening skills, it enables him/her to be proficient in all other language arts field be it speaking, reading or writing because the competence gained in the use of language efficiently must have been acquire from his ability to listen and read comprehensively others people’s thoughts and opinions.

Conclusively, a reader can be able to understand a printed text as a result of his/her background experience (which can only be achieve by the ability to listen and read others people’s view, which is then apply while reading or writing), general language competence (this is achieved through listening and participating in discussions and then apply in writing/speaking), critical and logical thinking (this is achieved by reading, listening and helps to improve our reading habits).

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