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Real Estate Porters Five Forces

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THE Concept:

Lifeline Foundation seeks to relieve wretchedness. solitariness. desperation and depression by listening. in a non-judgmental manner. to those who can non turn to anyone else who would understand and accept them. The company remains anon. and everything said to the voluntary remains confidential.

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Real Estate Porters Five Forces
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OUR Mission:

1 ) To incorporate the figure of self-destructions in and around Kolkata and aid subsisters. their households and familiarities through befriending.2 ) To advance networking and consciousness of other NGOs so that more people can be benefited by their services.


Lifeline Foundation is a non-profit organisation based in Kolkata. West Bengal. running a free tele-helpline for people who are distressed. depressed or suicidal. It is a chapter of Befrienders India affiliated to the Befrienders Worldwide. U. K. This Organisation works under the umbrella of Samaritans. England which has been in being for over 50 old ages. Lifeline Foundation along with other Centers in India. follow the Befrienders Charter and preparation faculty for voluntaries

We offer a tele-helpline service giving emotional support to battle the turning solitariness and emphasis in personal and professional lives of people.

irrespective of their gender. age. faith or location. This service is free. anon. and confidential and is available on all weekdays. between 10. 00 am to 6. 00 autopsy.

OUR Services

1 ) Tele-helpline ; Available from 10am to 6. 00pm Monday to Saturday 2 ) Face-to-Face – ( a ) Lifeline Foundation Centre( B ) Kolkata Police Head Quarters. Lalbazar. – 1st & A ; 3rd Thursday of every month – 12 midday to 04. 00 autopsy. ( degree Celsius ) Alipore Correctional Center. Kolkata Every hebdomad Tuesdays – 10am – 1. 00 autopsy ( vitamin D ) Letters and Email: For hard of hearing and deaf and others – 24 hours

AWARENESS ( THROUGH OUTREACH ) :Every month we put in advertizements in English. Bengali and Hindi newspapers. giving our tele-helpline Numberss and timings. Our telephone Numberss are besides accessible in the “Hello” subdivision under helplines. every Sunday. in the Graffiti of the Telegraph.

The Metro Railways have put our message with our telephone Numberss on all tube visible radiations at every entryway and issue of each station. Besides. the CC Television on the tube Stationss shows our video cuttings at regular intervals to decrease the rise of figure of self-destructions at Metro Railways.

Posters have besides been put up inside the managers of Metro Railway. This enterprise was taken over seven old ages ago as tube station experienced countless self-destruction efforts.SUICIDE PREVENTION DAY:September 10th has been declared “World Suicide Prevention Day” by WHO and IASP ( International Association of Suicide Prevention ) The turning figure of self-destructions is an indicant of how serious this job is and how much consciousness demands to be created to go even more effectual in the bar of self-destructions.

Volunteers:Our Volunteers are carefully selected and trained by experient trainers. Volunteers. recruited through a rigorous choice procedure. followed by an intense in-house preparation faculty. adult male the helplines.

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