Real, Urban, and Suburban Issues

The area that Group B chose to use is rural for the state of Delaware - Real, Urban, and Suburban Issues introduction. Rural was the best choice because Delaware is mostly made up of rural areas. The state of Delaware has only three counties which includes Kent County, New Castle County, and Sussex County. Kent County and Sussex County is comprised of mostly agricultural land which makes it mostly rural land. The government of Delaware has a Legislative branch, Judicial branch, and Executive branch.

The Legislative branch includes the Delaware General Assembly which is made up of the House of Representatives and the Senate. The Judicial branch has many courts, however the highest court of the state is the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court is made up of 5 judges. The Executive branch is lead by the governor and the lieutenant governor. The governor of Delaware is Jack Markell and the first lady is Carla Markell. Governor Jack Markell cabinet consists of the following: Lieutenant Governor Matt P. Denn; Secretary Edwin Kee, The Department of Agriculture; Commissioner Robert Coupe, The Department of Correction; Director Allen Levin, Delaware Economic Development Office; Secretary Mark Murphy, Department of Education; Secretary Thomas Cook, Department of Finance; Secretary Rita Landgraf, Department of Health & Social Services; Director Anas Ben Addi, Delaware State Housing Authority; Secretary John McMahon, Department of Labor; Director Ann Visalli, Office of Management & Budget; Major General Frank Vavala, Delaware National Guard; Secretary Collin O’Mara, Department of Natural Resources & Environmental Control; Secretary Lewis Schiliro, Department of Safety & Homeland Security; Secretary Jennifer Ranji, Department of Services for Children, Youth & Their Families; Secretary Jeffrey W. Bullock, Department of State; Secretary James Sills III, Department of Technology & Information; Secretary Shailen Bhatt, Department of Transportation.

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Governor Jack Markell also has an office team which consists of the following: Mike Barlow, Chief of Staff; Greg Patterson, Deputy Chief of Staff;?Lydia Prigg, Boards & Commissions Director;?Cathy Rossi, Communications Director;?Jennifer Hill, Constituent Relations Director;?Andrew Lippstone, Chief Legal Counsel; Missy Wier Banashak, Federal Issues; Director?Sean Barney, Policy Director;?Rebecca Taber, Policy Advisor;?Bettina Riveros, Policy Advisor; ?Victor Clark, Policy Advisor?; Kelly Bachman, Social Media Manager. Public policy is an attempt by a government to address a public issue by instituting laws, regulation, decisions, or actions pertinent to the problem at hand. When new public policies are created, there are generally three things involved in the process: the problem, the player, and the policy. The problem is the issue that needs to be address, the player is the individual, or group that is influential in forming a plan to address the problem in question, and the policy is the finalized course of action decided upon by the government.

A major public policy issue that occurs in Delaware and every other state is drugs. The drug policy of the United State is established by the Office of National Drug Control Policy, a former cabinet level component of the Executive Office of the President of the United States, which was establish by the Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1988. Its goal is to establish policies, priorities, and objective to eradicate illicit drug use, drug manufacture, trafficking drug related crime, violence, and drug related health consequence in the U. S. Delaware believes that illegal drugs have no place in the work environment. Delaware establish a drug free workplace policy that went effective on May 15, 2000.

The Delaware county drug free workplace programs with the drug program coordinator shall plan for, implement, administer, coordinate, and evaluate Delaware county drug-free workplace policy. Policy include any testing and education programs developed for county employee and shall ensure Delaware county compliance with provision of the federal drug-free workplace Act of 1988 and any subsequent amendments for the safety of Delaware county employee and the general public. Delaware faces drug abuse of numerous illegal drugs, misuse of over the counter drugs, prescription drugs, use of alcohol where such use impairs jobs performance, intentional and inappropriate use of any substance, legal or illegal drugs that impairs job performance.

With the current drugs related news, six people are facing charges following a monthly investigation by Delaware state police Kent county drug unit and Dover police department in a heroin sale and distribution operation. The police search found 780 bags of heroin, 266 grams of marijuana, 0. 9 grams of cocaine, oxycodone, 9mm, 40mm, and 45mm semiautomatics. The use of illicit drugs including marijuana is one of the biggest problems facing Delaware residents. There are fewer than 50 drugs rehab programs in Delaware and some have long waiting lists and too few resources. More than 63 percent of these organizations depend heavily upon funding from government agencies. While state, local, and federal budgets tighten, drug programs are dropped.

It’s important to enroll in a drug rehab not just based on location but also based on the amenities, treatment services and resources it provides. This is the most effective way to find a drug rehab that will work for your needs. Delaware solution to the drug free workplace voluntary compliance that explain employees who voluntarily disclose to their employer that they have a drug or alcohol problem will be offered confidential assistance in contacting counseling and treatment programs and provided information about any available insurance coverage or benefits, including the County’s employee assistance program. Delaware offer numerous rehab centers that treat various addictions, mental health conditions, and eating disorders.

The rehab centers and treatment facilities in Delaware can help an individual learn how to cope with addiction, pain, trauma and other conditions and regain control of your life. The Federal Government awards competitive grants to help Delaware in their efforts to reduce drug use and its harmful consequences. In FY 2010, direct support was provided to state and local governments, schools, and law enforcement organizations in Delaware for this purpose. Some Federal grant programs dedicated to reducing drug use and its harmful consequences while others are used for reducing drug use or for other purposes. Delaware is facing numerous challenges that involved drug abuse but Delaware is committed to win the war on drugs.


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