The Real World: An Introduction to Sociology 4th Edition pdf free Essay

ISBN 9780393922585

The Real World: An Introduction to Sociology, 4th Edition

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The Real World: An Introduction to Sociology 4th Edition pdf free
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Kerry Ferris and Jill Stein

W.W. Norton


559 pages



This textbook introduces sociology by focusing on everyday life, mass media, technology, and popular culture, as well as integrating critical thinking and analytic skills. It uses real-world examples and hands-on applications to explain major sociological concepts and emphasizes the interactionist perspective, while covering other theories, such as postmodernism. This edition includes updated workshops that lead students through the analysis of data; new sports, media, and popular culture examples; new and expanded research; revised boxes on the relevance of concepts to work, relationships, and the future; and new boxes on the future of sociology and sociological issues.

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This textbook allows students to study sociology in modules. In each chapter of the textbook, the authors describe the actions and examples from people’s daily lives and popular culture. This is done in order to maximally involve students in sociological thinking and develop it as best as possible.

The authors try to reflect the importance of sociology for human relations, future goals and work thanks to living examples. This textbook has a unique ability to stimulate students intellectually and contribute to the development of sociological thinking.

This textbook helps students gain an understanding of the three theoretical perspectives of sociology. Students will be able to independently explain what structuralism, symbolic interactionism and social conflict are.

Moreover, they will be able to apply the sociological imagination, through which they can understand their personal problems from the point of view of social influences. This book provides a clear understanding of such problems as inequality that is based on class, field or scatters and it’s a great intro to sociology.

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