Realistic Broadcast Protocol Handler

“Realistic Broadcast Protocol Handler (RBPH) is a reliable multicast transport protocol mainly aimed for applications that require ordered, duplicate-free, multicast data delivery from multiple sources to multiple receivers. The advantage of RBPH over traditional multicast protocols is that it guarantees that a receiver in the group either receives all data packets from transmissions and retransmissions, or is able to detect unrecoverable data packet loss. RBPH is specifically intended as a workable solution for multicast applications with basic reliability requirements.

Its central design goal is simplicity of operation with due regard for scalability and network efficiency”. Realistic Broadcast Protocol Handler (RBPH) is a departure from previous end to end reliable protocols that exploit Internet Multicast. It has both end system and router elements to the protocol. This is an attempt to overcome the scaling problems of protocol reliability techniques (ACK or NAK, retransmission) when operating them over intermittently lossy IP Networks.

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RBPH is targeted at one to many applications, but of course could be used for many to many simply by using multiple sessions. ) Add IP router alert option handling in the IP packet processing ii) Add RBPH processing Multicasting is a technique that enables a single packet transmission to reach one or more destinations or group. The primary benefits of a packet reaching multiple destinations from a single transmission are the following: bandwidth minimization, parallelism in the network, and optimization of transmitter costs. The requirements of multicast protocols are: •Multicast group formation •Assignment of multicast group addresses Dynamic and rapid configuration of multicast groups Full range of reliability: reliable Vs semi-reliable Vs unreliable

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