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Reality TV shows

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Nowadays almost everyone has an opportunity to watch television daily. Whether it is news, documentaries, films or reality TV shows. I am almost certain that the last type mentioned is the most popular among all age groups. Reality shows can be entertaining for its viewers and even participants. You can enjoy artist’s music while you watch almost every step of his daily routine. Also it helps new artists to become better known after these kind of projects. It is a good way for TV channels to make money too.

Viewers usually have to vote by their phone just to decide which singer, actor, dancer or other kind of artist is better.

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Never the less TV companies make even more money from the commercials during that show. Although the Reality TV shows are very popular amongst all age groups it can be dangerous for the younger audience. It can harm relationships with others just because they like or vote for other artist.

It can also give children the wrong idea of real life. And children can get into trouble with their parents for staying up late, etc. Some people think that these shows are not harmful at, some think that they should be broadcast after midnight, others think that they should be banned at all.

To be honest, I totally agree with them. Some shows should be banned just because they are not worth the air time. These shows are all about the money and they don’t teach people anything useful at all. To sum up, I have to say that I am not the biggest fan of reality tv, to be honest I use the TV in my room just as a light in the morning, so I don’t have to get out of the bed for a couple of minutes, and in my point of view they should be banned or at least broadcast after the midnight when the younger audience could not be harmed.

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Reality TV shows. (2016, Sep 13). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/reality-tv-shows-2/

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