Recent Earthquakes: Philippines

On this past Friday, an earthquake in the Philippines rose panic in the hearts of its people, in fear of a large tsunami - Recent Earthquakes: Philippines introduction. The magnitude-7. 6 earthquake was caused by activity underground. This activity (earthquakes and volcanic eruptions) are very common in the “Ring of Fire”, where the Philippines are located. 1“About 140 aftershocks have been recorded, including two with a magnitude of 6. 4… ” Last Friday, the Philippines endured the shock and fear of a fairly large earthquake and suffered through 140 aftershocks, all while worrying if their loved one was alive or how they were going to handle that they probably had nothing left.

The earthquake caused many homes to lose power, objects shaking in the house and the home its self, and fear of tsunami. People reacted by climbing up trees out of fear of dying. The earthquake sent people away from their home, where people usually feel safe, toward evacuation centers. In spite of having to deal with these situations before, some people weren’t able to make it out safely. A 54 yr. old woman was killed when her house collapsed on top of her. The woman apparently ran out of her home due to fear of the earthquake and ran back in after hearing the cries of her 5 yr. old grandson.

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But she didn’t make it out on time. I did not know about the earthquake at first, but learning about it makes me concerned because the people there survive off goats, their main food supply (milk, cheese, protein, etc…). The earthquake could have killed livestock, which is their livelihood. I was shocked and felt that the government should send these poor countries money to take care of all the fatalities and damage they tolerate. When such an event occurs in a country rich in international trade, like Japan, or a vacation destination like Haiti, every news station would be reporting the latest statistics.

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