Reflection for Oral Presentation on Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka Essay

The Oral Presentation rubric grades based on the presenter’s knowledge and understanding of the works, presentation, and the language of the presenter - Reflection for Oral Presentation on Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka Essay introduction. My Presentation, entitled: “Gaining Happiness Requires Selfishness and Loneliness,” was particularly strong in any of the three categories, but fairly week in each category. The thesis for my presentation was: “Kafka characterizes the mother as being initially selfless when caring for Gregor and shows how she becomes selfish after abandoning him period, which ultimately leads to her happiness. This reveals that when you are selfish you may gain happiness, but also loneliness.

The “Knowledge and Understanding” component of the rubric grades comprehension of the text, position of the quote in the presentation, and the dispersion of the quotes used throughout the novel. The quotes I used came from pages 19, 35 and 38. There was a quote from the beginning, middle and end of the novel, however the second two quotes are close together. My largest flaw in this category came when I stated in my introduction: “The mother is characterized as being lonely and happy,” but then used a quote such as “She rushed upon the father and embracing him, in absolute union with him” (Kafka 38) to support my point.

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Reflection for Oral Presentation on Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka Essay
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This quote was too close to my partners point being “The mother is characterized as being utterly disgusted after she realizes that Gregor will not transform back into a human being,, but is stuck a bug,” and quote which says, “The mother wasn’t used to the sight of Gregor, which might make her sick … She stopped in her tracks, stood still a moment and then went back to Grete. ” (Kafka 35) My quote does not support my point because it shows the mother still trying to show some form of care toward Gregor, supporting my partners point.

Except for this mistake, my knowledge and understand was adequate. I had summary in the introduction and an introduction to my quotes and my body paragraphs. My context gave the time and location of my quotes. I agree with my classmates and give myself a three in this category, because of the factual error. My identification of the effects of literary features, such as diction, Imagery, tone, structure, style and technique was weak. I did not use any of the literary features along with any others to support my precise and thorough knowledge of the text.

I did not present a convincing and detailed interpretation of the text, with critical thinking. I did use originality to make my presentation convincing by using a metaphor of rich and famous people in todays society. My response in the third point was not accurately supported by precise references to the text. I did attempt to use the text to support my point and larger implication, but my factual error caused the works to be incorrect. The “Presentation” category analyzes the structure and clarity of the presenter’s oral presentation.

This category was particularly stronger than the other categories, but still weak. I did not use signposts such as “I will not present my thesis,” and “I will now present my body,” wherever appropriate. There was concluding and topic sentences as well as MLA citation for every quote used throughout the presentation. My presentation included a topic sentence for each paragraph. For example, the topic sentence for my first body paragraph was: “This quote reveals that the mother is showing love and devotion for her son.

She realizes Gregor is sick, but in reality he has transformed into a dung beetle. ” This provides a concrete example of my thesis. My topic sentences in this presentation were very direct. My presentation was also flawed because it was seven minutes without questions and nine minutes with questions, which is not long enough for the requirements of the oral presentation. I failed to present my conclusion during the oral presentation. When my conclusion was presented it was misunderstanding and very short.

My larger implication did support my thesis and points given in the presentation. I do give myself a 3-4 in the presentation because the delivery of the presentation was somewhat appropriate, but had little interest. The last category, “Language,” analyzes grammar, clarity, and literary devices used in the analysis throughout the oral presentation. Grammar and clarity were strong throughout the presentation. The issue was the lack of use of literary devices other than ‘characterized’ throughout the analysis of the oral presentations.

Other than that one error, I believe that this category deserved a higher score than given by my peers. My language was good. Therefore, I would rate this category with a 5-6. This being my first oral presentation I believe that I made mistakes natural to one who has never given an oral presentation before. Each section was very weak in my presentation. I am confident that my next oral presentation will be very strong and good. I will use this experiences to change what I did wrong in order to make my next presentation better.

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