Reflection Of A Child Called It

The first chapter basically summarized the whole book into one chapter. It tells how he was treated in the beginning and throughout the horrible time he had to go through. Also it told how everything came to an end for the little boy. It told how the faculty at the school finally got involved and had taken him away for good. The child had so much will power that it was unbelievable. Tried to place myself in this child’s spot and I could not figure out what this child would want to live for.

Most children in this position would just kill themselves and/or eave their parents kill them and get it over with. This child wanted to live more than anything. He wanted to have the life of his brothers. He wanted his mother to love him again and his family to be happy like they once were so long ago. I think this first chapter caught my attention and made me want to get into the book even more. I couldn’t imagine what was to come in the next chapters but I soon found out. In chapter two was telling about how the family used to be good. It told how everyone was happy and he was treated the same as him brothers.

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His other and father were in love and nothing could be better. The lived a good place in Daly City. This chapter also told the backgrounds of the parents and how he knew them from the time he was born until the time they changed. Liked this chapter because it made me happy to know that he had a few good years in his life before his family turned on him. He got to know how it was to be happy and I think that is why it kept him so strong. I believe he wanted to live to be able to have a happy family of his own. I think he wanted to live long enough to fell that happiness again.

In the third chapter I became very sad knowing that he was the only boy out of the children that was getting punished like this. His mother started to drink and go out of control. This chapter is where the abuse started and even though it was so disturbing it was just the beginning. His mother used excuses like “you’re a bad boy’ and I never realized what he had done for this punishment. The mother took all of her problems out on the boy and made herself believe that he deserved it. The mother made the children search for things that they couldn’t find.

David wanted to find the things that she wanted so Daly because all he wanted was her to be happy towards him. Instead she became more and more disappointed in him. His punishment in this chapter began with his mother slamming his face on the glass of the mirror when she thought he was a bad boy. Was also so horrified when I read about when he came home from school so excited to go to his scouts meeting and his mother was the only one in the house. He ended up not going to the scouts meeting and when they got bad she striped him down and wanted him to lay on the flames of the stove, but she only got to burn his arm.

My heart roped, butte I grinned when he figured out how to outsmart his mother. My opinion on this chapter is that it was very disturbing especially the stove part, but never knew what was coming. What was coming was obviously ten times worse than what was already done. This chapter made my heart hurt for the child that this was occurring to. Wanted to believe that that was the worst to come. Chapter four was the most disgusting thing that I have ever read in my life. David had gotten a new lunch pail and a new set of clothes because the ones he had been wearing before had holes all over the place.

School became the only hope for him to find food. He began stealing food from other children’s lunch pails. Every day he had gotten a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. He never got to eat in the morning unless it was leftover cereal and he rarely got to eat during dinner time. At supper getting food depended on if he got his chorus done in time. When he Was in second grade his mother became pregnant with another child. He had gotten a new teacher and she took special interest in him. She lied about the bruises but she knew better. She reported it to the principal ND he called the boys mother.

The mother had to meet with the principal and she fooled him into thinking that the boy had an overactive imagination. After they returned home it was hell for the boy. During the summer when they visited his favorite place the Russian River so the most disgusting thing I have ever read in my life. Almost puked when read the part about his mother trying to make him eat the baby’s diaper. He also started eating scraps of leftovers in the garbage when he had to take it outside. His mother caught him and started putting ammonia in the trash so e couldn’t do it anymore.

He also had to drink ammonia but he soon knew how to outsmart her in that also. He soon figured out how to not swallow the ammonia and spit it out later. There is so much that happened in chapter four that I can’t talk about everything but I almost puked each page I read in this chapter. In chapter five, after I read that she threw a knife at him and actually hit him, while being drunk surprised me. This only tells me what alcohol can turn a totally normal person into. After her throwing the knife and hitting him he blacked out from the pain. When he woke up he saw her taking care of him.

She was being considerable nice patching up his wound. The niceness wore off after she was done and she told him to finish his chores. After walking down the stairs he seen his father and his father did not do anything. The child went to finish his dishes and the father soon realized he needed to help him. After the accident the mother was being kind Of nice while the boy healed. After a while the wound became infected so he cleaned it himself. This last chapter that I read made me cry tying to imagine the boy’s pain. I as proud of him for cleaning the wound himself and still wanting to stay alive.

This boy had more motivation to live than anyone I know. The next chapter about his father being around less and less made me angry at the father. I became angered that he wouldn’t do anything. The father always talked about taking the boy away with him but he would never act on his words. The father would take ten minutes to be in the house and get out. During this time the mother starved the boy for ten days. After this game she put a plate in front of him but snatched it out of his hands before e got a bite. Later after supper he had another chance and he ate like a dog.

These are the words that his mother used. This chapter the mother put a bucket of ammonia and Colors in the bathroom and shut the door for hours. The boy became smarter than the mother and put the towel up to his mouth and most and leaned to the vent for more air. This didn’t last long until the mother caught on and didn’t give him a rag and didn’t turn the air on. The mother also made the boy mow lawns to make money for her. Another game of hers that lasted for a long mime Was she would fill the bathtub up with cold Water and make him sit in it with his nose only up above the water.

I was surprised to hear that she let him start to lie in his father’s bed with his father when his father was home. I was very shocked about this weird change. Soon I realized why she was being so nice to the boy. The reason for this change was because she had gotten social services called on her and she didn’t want to get blamed for beating the boy so she softened up to him until the social services lady left. The last chapter of this book was the Lord’s Prayer. The boy began not leveling there was a god or that there was no home for him to be saved.

He was so upset at himself because he believed his mother’s lies. This chapter his father left for good and never took the boy with him like he had promised so many times. After they left the motel that they visited the father at the boy prayed to the lord and prayed with everything in his heart. This book makes me have so many mixed emotions. I have the next book called the Lost Boy and there is no way that I will not read that. This was one of the best books I have ever read. Being based on a true story just makes it so much sadder.

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