Reflection on a Clinical Skill. Essay

Reflection on a clinical skill - Reflection on a Clinical Skill. Essay introduction. Introduction The clinical skill this reflective assignment will refer too is that of the measurement of blood pressure. As the experience predominantly involved feelings and thoughts, I found it appropriate to use the Atkins and Murphy (1994) reflective model. The use of this model enables me to reflect on the experiences described below. It also guides my thoughts as to critically analysing the experience and enlightens me as to what has been learned from the experience.

A reflective model such as this has been used because, as suggested by Hargreaves (1997), reflective models are a tool that is believed to result in both improvement in patient care and professional development. An appropriate definition I found was by Greenwood (1993), who suggested that, to think about what one is doing whilst one is doing it; it is typically stimulated by surprise, by something which puzzled the practitioner concerned.

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Reflection on a Clinical Skill. Essay
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I found this an appropriate definition as I was taken completely by surprise at the commencement of my experience. In accordance with the Nursing and Midwifery Councils (2008a) Code of professional conduct, confidentiality shall be maintained by not mentioning the names of clinical placements or persons. Awareness of uncomfortable feelings and thoughts On a recent clinical placement, I was in the clinic room with a nurse and patient. The patient was there to have his blood pressure taken.

I was standing observing, as the nurse began the procedure. However the automatic blood pressure monitor would not work, due to there being no batteries in it. Furthermore upon inspection there appeared to be no batteries on the ward to fit into the monitor. The nurse suggested that the manual Sphygmomanometer be used and that it would be an ideal learning opportunity for me as a student nurse. The nurse alarmingly (for me) suggested that I carry out the procedure myself to get the maximum benefit from the experience. As I had not practiced…

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