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Writing summary, paraphrasing a sentence and writing topic sentence were the main difficulties I met - Reflection on English Learning introduction. As I did not learn summarizing thoroughly during my secondary school life, I did not have much knowledge on writing a good summary. I always change the meaning of the passage after summarizing which made me feel frustrated. As for paraphrase, it requires the use of variety of vocabulary and sentence structure. However, it was hard for me to think of a synonym immediately after reading a sentence.

I had to spend quite a long time on thinking. Moreover, writing topic sentence was another challenge to me. At first, my topic sentence was said to be too general. When doing the research project, the first topic sentence also could not reflect the central idea of the paragraph. I am required to rewrite it again. To solve the above problems, I did extra exercise, tried to remember more vocabularies and discussed with the lecturer.


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Other than finishing the exercise delivered by the lecturer, I forced myself to write a short summary on a newspaper article and also to paraphrase a specific sentence. This was an effective method to improve my skill. I got right in summarizing in the test. Besides, I prepared a vocabulary list and reviewed it during my leisure time. This helped me remember more words and they could be used in paraphrasing. I also asked the lecturer’s opinion on my topic sentence.

It helped me realize the problem and correct it. To cope with coming English learning at HKCC, I will use English to communicate both verbally and non-verbally more frequent. I will begin to watch movie without Chinese subtitle. My listening skill can be trained while I am taking a rest. I will also try to use more English to talk with others so that I can speak English more naturally. I believe that being confidence is important in communication.

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