Reflection Paper: Week One 1/15/2011 Essay

I really enjoyed the video for this week “The Meth Epidemic” - Reflection Paper: Week One 1/15/2011 Essay introduction. I did not realize the amount of people that are affected by such a drug and how it started off in the state of Oregon. In the video, they mentioned that meth is the fastest growing drug abuse in the United States. This is such a scary thought because of how harmful this drug is to the human body. What I found the most disturbing was the companies that made the cold medicine used to “cook” meth did not care about the harm that they may be causing.

The data was too high for these companies to not recognize that they are part of they cycle. Secondly, I did not know that there are “meth farms” close to us in the Bay Area in Fresno, CA. This video truly opened my eyes to a drug that I have not been explicitly exposed when looking at location, how it is made, and effects it has on people. In addition to the video, Zastrow’s reading was very helpful in understanding the theories and stages of development (i. e. Erikson and Levinson).

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Reflection Paper: Week One 1/15/2011
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This is something that I know I will be using and applying to later cases and/or papers. Lastly, the article on women and menopause was a nice reminder. It was helpful in the sense for when I will come across a woman who is going through this particular stage in their life. Physical activity seems to be something that “heals the soul” and it was great to see that a study was conducted to measure this school of thought. I think it’s a better choice than having to take medications for mood changes.

Reflection Paper: Week One 1/15/2011 Essay

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