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Reflective on Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick

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A few years ago I found a book called Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick and I loved it, I couldn’t put it down. After that I found out that it was going to have a sequel. After waiting almost a year for it to be realized and I bought it. Fitzpatrick makes this book a third person view following Nora around in her life again, the same point of view as her first book. Since reading it I have been entertained and a bit disappointed.

Yes Fitzpatrick has brought back the action, drama, and mystery to the book to make it entertaining, but she did not give the characters a tune up like she should have and she made it to complicated.

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Reflective on Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick
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The book catches back up basically where we left off in the first one. We have Nora, the naïve teenager, who fell in love with her guardian angel Patch who is also the second main character in both books.

They start out all cute and loving but then there’s drama around Nora’s arch nemeses Marcie. Yes we get it you two hate each other because Marcie is jealous that Patch is with Nora. We figured this out last book can we move on please. But now it gets interesting. We find out who killed Nora’s father and why. It’s because she is the daughter decedent to Barnabas. We also catch up in the hunt the book of Enoch, and now Nora has people trying to kill her because she knows too much about her father’s death. Also an awesome cliff hanger, who killed Nora’s best friend Chauncey Langeais?

In My opinion only two things really got on my nerves throughout the book but one was also a good thing. Number one, why did she make this story so complicated? I was looking for a nice we find out why and who, Nora and pat get married and have babies. I was not expecting all of this. I got lost in some of it and it made me not want to finish it. Yes some parts were very good but a lot of it was complicated for me. Number two Nora. She still hasn’t figured out how to talk to people, especially patch. But as a good feature she is human and she doesn’t hide it. She makes mistakes and it takes her awhile to figure out how to do what she needs to do. It’s refreshing to see the author just didn’t drop the answer into her lap and say ta da.

What saved this book is the epic conclusion and patch. As I was reading it even though he wasn’t in the story much, he was as attractive as he was in the first book. I guess it’s also a downer since he wasn’t in the book as much as he should be but it wasn’t a major disappointment. When he was there he made himself known. Also the conclusion I was happy to see an open ending and I’m hoping to see another book in this series. In the end it was an ok book not as great as I was hoping for. In my opinion Hush Hush was better.

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