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Reflective of Cbt Session

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    A good CBT therapist applies CBT theory in therapy. Describe how you use CBT principles and techniques to achieve good therapeutic outcomes in practice. Reflect on your 30 minutes DVD practice session using CBT skills to inform your assignment.


    The purpose of the essay is to describe the results of an enacted CBT session as part of the Introduction to the CBT module, in which I played the role of a therapist and a fellow student took the part of the client. By taking part in this process I hoped to understand the challenges that a CBT therapist faces when dealing directly with patients. Also to understand, more clearly the specific skills a therapist may use in different situations in order to help others (Egan 2007).
    Using a critical reflective approach, I reviewed the session, and identified some of the strengths and weaknesses that I identified within the session and related these back to the notion of how a good CBT therapist functions.

    I have described below some of the specific principles and techniques that I used in the session, which included the continuum principle, the here and now principle and the Socratic question technique.
    I used a structured model to help me to conduct the session and manage efficiently the time from the beginning to the end of the session (Nelson-Jones, 2002)

    To ensure that ethical considerations and issues of confidentiality are met, the name of the patient will remain anonymous. (Sand, 2010) check this reference and add to ref. list.

    The physical make-up of any room used for a counseling session is very important. Issues such as: privacy, intimacy and the environment help to make the client relax and are crucial for conducting a worthwhile counseling session. So the first thing I did was ensure that a “do not disturb” sticker was on the door, then I checked that the room was welcoming and that the chairs were comfortable (Geldard & Geldard, 2005).

    Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is a modern form of.

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