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Reforestation Zaid Al-Radaideh

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Reforestation is the propagation of trees by natural or artificial means, or it can be defined as the process of restoring tree cover to area where woodland or forest existed but was destroyed. Reforestation is seldom a critical issue because the native forests are so flexible that, gives any opportunity, they will quickly re-establish themselves.The importance of trees is to take carbon dioxide from the air, which is one of the factors that are responsible for the green house effect.

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Reforestation Zaid Al-Radaideh
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One of the solutions, which were proposed to cut down the increase of carbon dioxide in the air, is to replant both on land and in the oceans to decrease the overall carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, this could be accomplished by reforestation on land and plankton seeding in the oceans.Since increasing levels of carbon dioxide are believed to lead to increased temperatures, any means of decreasing the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere would have an overall mitigating effect on the global warming.

Halting deforestation and planting trees on a large scale (reforestation) will help offset carbon dioxide emissions. Deforestation is responsible for about 25% of net annual release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and also lessens the amount of forest available to absorb greenhouse gas emissions.

It is said that deforestation will rank as the single greatest cause of species loss.There is a list of advantages and disadvantages for using the reforestation method as proposal, which will help, offset carbon dioxide emissions. An advantage for reforestation is that the method used is with a low-cost and do not require any large-scale changes in the overall regulatory framework. It is also very easy to study on a limited scale.

It can also be easily accomplished by the mass planting for tree seedlings. Those are some of the advantages for the reforestation method that is to help offset carbon dioxide emissions.On the other hand disadvantages to such a method to be used should be mentioned, the disadvantage of reforestation it needs a lot of engineers to decide which trees should be replanted and restored so that it wont effect the ecosystem and disturb

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