REH and Ethan Nahte vs. The Yumbies Essay

The multi-talented and perpetually busy Friend of TGR, Ethan Nahte, has just had a short story titled “Bubbas, Barbarians & Yumbies, Oh My!” published in A Bubba in Time Saves None, a collection of humorous zombie short stories from Yard Dog Press.  Yumbies are actually yuppie zombies, as Ethan explains in his Press Release on the anthology, which is the fifth book in the Bubbas of the Apocalypse series

Ethan’s yarn is of particular interest to Howard fans due to his story’s plot which has the intrepid Yumbie fighters traveling back in time to a 1930s Cross Plains where a certain pulp writer joins the fight that culminates in a stand-off on top of Caddo Peak.

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REH and Ethan Nahte vs. The Yumbies
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Ethan is also compiling a comprehensive documentary film on REH, which includes a number of interviews with Howard scholars and citizens of Cross Plains who knew Howard - REH and Ethan Nahte vs. The Yumbies Essay introduction! Hopefully, Ethan will have it ready for viewing soon.

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