REH Goes Digital Essay

We have certainly come a long way since the life and times of Robert E - REH Goes Digital Essay introduction. Howard when old tube radios and Underwood typewriters were primary means of entertainment, creativity and communication.  Year after year technology marches forward bringing us new and wondrous ways to enjoy our favorite pastimes. For example, there a number of Howard books available for Amazon’s digital book reader called the Kindle.

With everyone and his brother now getting into the electronic reader market, prices will drop as more of these devices appear.  Apple is even getting in on the action with its new iTablet due out in March.  My wife gave me a Kindle for Christmas and I already have half a dozen Howard volumes loaded on it.  Besides being lightweight and easy to use, it is incredibly compact, making it easy to carry in a messenger bag or backpack.

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REH Goes Digital
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Coming Attractions has  just announced four new electronic books from Halcyon Classics.   These include Conan the Reaver, which has 13 Conan stories, including Hour of the Dragon, Conan the Warrior (same contents as the Lancer/Ace book, plus “The Hyborian Age” essay) Collected Boxing Stories, featuring 22 Steve Costigan stories, plus 2 others and Graveyard Rats and Other Detective Stories  (contents differ from the Wildside volume).  All these sell for 0nly 99? each. 

Also, if you have an iPhone and don’t want to spring for a Kindle, there is an app that lets you read electronic books on your phone.  Yes indeed, technology is our friend, especially when it allows us to carry a whole library of Howard books in a device smaller than a DVD box.

REH Goes Digital Essay

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