REH Word of the Week: hummock Essay


  1. a fertile area in southern United States and especially Florida that is usually higher than its surroundings and that is characterized by hardwood vegetation and deep humus-rich soil

[Origin: 1555; alteration of hammock; earlier hammok, hommoke, hummock; akin to Middle Low German hummel small height]

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REH Word of the Week: hummock
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Gulls that lair in the blue,
Cranes where the ripples quiver,
The great tides thunder through
But the mist is chained to the river.

My heart tugs to be gone
And the far winds break the billows,
But I watch each dreary dawn
From the hummocks in the willows.

Oh, the winds and the deep sea rain,
And the endless surges sweeping;
My heart is hollow with pain
And my eyes are blind with weeping.

[from “Castaway”; for the complete poem see The Collected Poetry of Robert E - REH Word of the Week: hummock Essay introduction. Howard, p. 370 and Shadows of Dreams, p. 24]

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